21 Best Websites for Teaching Spanish

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Learning a second language can be an incredible asset for our students. It opens them up to cultures, traditions, and even amazing foods that they may not have experienced otherwise. Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching online, this list of the best websites for teaching Spanish can help take your lessons to the next level.

Best Websites for Teaching Spanish for Elementary School 

Calico Spanish

This website for teaching Spanish offers a free PDF of the first 10 lessons!


Spanish lessons, books, children’s songs, games, flashcards, and even worksheets!


This is one of the best websites for teaching Spanish and consists of 180 lesson days formatted in an intuitive calendar view.


PBS Spanish


Websites for Teaching Spanish

Reinforce Spanish vocabulary and grammar with 60 full lessons from the ¡Arte y más! collection.


This website offers music-based Spanish lessons and includes games, songs, worksheets, and more!

Sonrisas Spanish

Lesson plans, fun activities, music, literature, art projects, student workbooks, online content, engaging posters, assessments, and standards correlation make lesson-planning easy and teaching Spanish fun.

Spanish Academy

This program is developed specifically for elementary children who may or may not be reading yet, consisting of more pictures than text.

Spanish For Kids

The online program for teaching Spanish incorporates music, vocabulary games, and practical conversations.

Spanish Kidstuff

Lesson plans can be downloaded for free, while flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, songs, and readers require a membership.


Introductory Spanish vocabulary for students. Each lesson is based on a specific theme and also contains Spanish audio and free, full-color vocabulary sheets (PDF) to download and print. 


Websites for Teaching Spanish

Powered by Rosetta Stone, students learn Spanish by connecting words and phrases with images through five levels, each consisting of four units.

Best Websites for Teaching Spanish for Middle and High School 


This popular app immerses students in a new language through real-life dialogues that get them speaking Spanish right away.


Students can learn basic Spanish in just five minutes a day with lessons that cover reading, writing, and speaking. 


Fun and interactive, this Spanish course is designed for middle school students. It represents an ideal blend of language learning pedagogy and online learning in four key areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


These small group and private classes are offered by native Spanish-speaking, qualified teachers. 


Students can customize over 400 Spanish lessons and 1000 exercises divided into 5 intelligent modules: Verbs & Conjugation, Building Blocks, Conversations, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary.


Designed by Dr. Pimsleur, these Spanish lessons include digital flashcards, speed round games, and more!

Rosetta Stone

Students will be immersed in real-life scenarios as they work through engaging Spanish lessons at their own pace. 

Spanish Academy Middle School

Students will quickly learn to form Spanish sentences in all tenses over time. As their vocabulary expands, the learner is encouraged to apply their knowledge through conversation during every session.

Spanish Academy High School

Designed to be more rigorous than public high school curriculum. Students not only master Spanish grammar but also learn how to apply their knowledge through conversation with their instructors and in everyday life. This program satisfies the high school foreign language requirement for college admissions. It also prepares students for a future of speaking Spanish as a second language.


Choose from a wide variety of Spanish language and culture lessons for everything from complete beginners to advanced students. 

World Language Cafe

These online Spanish activities will provide engaging lessons for students whether they are at home or in the classroom.

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21 Best Websites for Teaching Spanish