The WeAreTeachers 2017 Reading Challenge

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to read more books, then you need to take our 2017 Reading Challenge.

2017 WeAreTeachers Reading Challenge

One of our perennial New Year’s Resolutions is to READ MORE. And we’re not talking about reading Facebook posts or professional development handouts, people. We’re talking about sitting down with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and reading more BOOKS.

Are you with us? Then you need to take on the WeAreTeachers 2017 Reading Challenge. We’ll be trying to read at least one book from one of these categories every month. If you’re in, please Pin or share the challenge list below and share photos of the books you’re reading using the hashtag #2017TeacherReads. We’ll share periodic photos on our social channels.

Enjoy and happy reading!

The WeAreTeachers 2017 Reading Challenge

What’s on your 2017 reading list? What are your favorite books from each of the categories below? Please share in the comments!