Let’s Embrace Full Hibernation Mode Over Break With Wearable Blankets

We’ll be wearing these ’til January.

Collage of models wearing wearable blankets

Wearable blankets. You read that right—blankets you can slip on like a swaddled infant and bask in ultimate levels of coziness. Halfway into the most stressful school year ever, it’s pretty much the only acceptable clothing item, ideally worn while diving into a Netflix cave and never coming out.

Unlike a Snuggie, the latest wearable blankets are usually shorter, include a hood and a large pocket for stashing snacks and TV remotes, and are generally much easier to walk around in on the rare occasions we leave the couch. We even found at least one stylish option you could get away with wearing in the classroom to sneak in some extra comfort when school starts back up again, too.

Take a look below for our favorite wearable blankets you can toss on the second your break starts.

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The Oodie

Man in a blue Looney Toons Oodie wearable blanket

This spin on cozy loungewear comes all the way from Australia. The company offers a ton of fun patterns, like this one for Looney Tunes fans, and describes the feel of their fleece lining as “utterly buttery.” 


Buy it: The Oodie / The Oodie on Amazon

The Comfy

Woman wearing a brown 'teddy bear' style version of the Comfy wearable blanket

After launching on Shark Tank in 2017, these wearable blankets have become a huge hit with a wide selection of styles for all ages. This soft teddy bear fabric can help you really shift into hibernation mode!

Buy it: The Comfy on Zappos / The Comfy on Amazon

Catalonia Oversized Wearable Blanket

Woman in bright aqua wearable blanket

How gorgeous is this vibrant aqua color? The highly-reviewed hoodie also comes in other shades and patterns, including leopard, plaid, and even panda bear and unicorn options.

Buy it: Catalonia Oversized Wearable Blanket on Amazon

Waitu Wearable Blanket

Woman in long, light purple wearable blanket

This longer wearable blanket will keep your legs toasty warm when it’s time to make a run to the kitchen for more wine or snacks.

Buy it: Waitu Wearable Blanket on Amazon

CozyRosie Wearable Blanket

Woman in long red wearable blanket with white polka dots

Another great longer option, this delightful polka dot design will feel like you’re walking around in a snuggly cloud.

Buy it: CozyRosie Wearable Blanket at Walmart / CozyRosie Wearable Blanket on Amazon

Patterned Wearable Blanket

Woman wearing wearable blanket with sushi pattern

Foodies will love this sushi pattern! There are also adorable styles with strawberries, watermelon, ice cream, plus non-food designs like cartoon cats and elephants.

Buy it: Patterned Wearable Blanket on Amazon

Dreamcountry Oversized Wearable Blanket

Woman in black wearable blanket with zipper

The handy full-length zipper on this wearable blanket makes it easy to slip in and out of—although we don’t see ourselves bothering to take it off much.

Buy it: Dreamcountry Oversized Wearable Blanket on Amazon

L.L. Bean Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw

Woman in white sherpa L.L. Bean wearable blanket

This company knows a thing or two about keeping customers cozy and warm. Their stylish sherpa throw could even be worn outside of the house!

Buy it: Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw at L.L. Bean

Thick Flannel Wearable Blanket

Woman in dark blue poncho-style wearable blanket

If you want your arms to feel freer than the cuffed sleeves allow on most wearable blanket designs, this poncho style is the perfect fit.

Buy it: Thick Flannel Wearable Blanket on Amazon

Kids Wearable Blanket

Young kid in light gray wearable blanket

Little ones deserve to feel warm and comfy all winter, too. Don’t worry about them spilling drinks and snacks—it’s machine washable and fade resistant. 

Buy it: Kids Wearable Blanket on Amazon

Heated Wearable Blanket

Woman on a couch with red wearable blanket

This one is more like a Snuggie (or “slanket”), but the added heat option definitely made it worth adding to the list! Toss it on, and binge-watch all the shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Buy it: Heated Wearable Blanket at Sharper Image

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Let's Embrace Full Hibernation Mode Over Break With Wearable Blankets