We Wrote a Book! “Every Reader, a Close Reader” Hits the Shelves

Not-to-miss insights!

This year, with the help of the amazing WeAreTeachers community, we wrote a book about close reading! More than 200 fifth- through eighth-grade teachers completed a survey in September 2014 and the responses were used to shape Every Reader, a Close Reader by Samantha Cleaver. Now the book is available for order here! (And of course, you can find it on Amazon too.)


Here are four reasons to add this book to your shelf:

Tips From Classrooms

You’ve always wanted to know exactly how other teachers are doing close reading. Every Reader, a Close Reader features interviews with teachers that take you into their planning and instruction.

Focus on Grades 5–8

Middle-grade readers are a unique bunch. They have specific interests and needs as readers. For example, as one teacher featured in the book noted, close reading was a way to teach her students reading strategies at a time when they wanted to learn more about how to read, but that wasn’t in the official curriculum. Every Reader, a Close Reader addresses these readers specifically with text recommendations, lesson ideas and advice from middle school teachers.

A Focus on Exactly What Teachers Need

Here’s a book that was planned and written for teachers by teachers. Drawing on the WeAreTeachers survey, we paid special attention to topics like helping kids annotate purposefully and teaching students argument writing.


Strategies for Learners With Specific Needs

Wondering exactly how to use close reading with your students who are struggling readers, who have IEPs or who are English-language learners? Every Reader, a Close Reader focuses specifically on these students with strategies and ideas that are shared and tested by teachers.

We’re excited to share the book with you! Once you’ve read it, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think.