WE Day Connect—The Online Inspirational Event We Didn’t Know We Needed

Turn your classroom into a global celebration of possibility.

Sponsored By WE Schools

The end of the year is tough for students and teachers alike. Kids are often feeling “over it,” and we desperately need an energy boost, too. That’s why when we heard about WE Day Connect, we knew we had to tell you about it.  

What’s WE Day Connect? 

WE Day Connect is a free, interactive virtual experience celebrating students and educators coming together in selfless acts of volunteerism. Made possible by Microsoft Technology, this live-streaming event showcases how students and schools can make a difference locally and globally. With celebrities, inspiring speakers, and special guests, it’s sure to be an engaging experience for your students! 

What will my students get out of WE Day Connect? 

WE Day Connect  will focus on young change-makers tackling issues all over the globe, and how your students can get started taking action themselves in their local community. Your school can gather together to watch on a big screen at an assembly. Or you can watch with a classroom or smaller group of students. 

Who are WE Day Connect’s guests? 

WE Day Connect’s 2019 celebrity host and appearances will include names your middle and high school students know well. But the most incredible appearances might just be from students making a difference through volunteerism! For example, your students will hear from…

  • A group of seventh grade girls who are using a WE Are One grant from Microsoft to build a groundbreaking app. Their app helps students learn to use more inclusive language that’s respectful to differently abled people and helps provide words and phrases to describe barriers other people may face. 
  • Students from Brazil Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago who are fighting against global child labor.  

Where do I sign up?  

Are you ready to turn your classroom into a global celebration of possibility? Sign up here for free access to WE Day Connect on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 1 p.m. EDT/12 p.m. CDT/10 a.m. PDT. 

This is service learning at its most inspiring and exciting! You do not want to miss this. 

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