Vocabulary Worksheets To Use With Any Word List (Free Download)

Eight pages of fun and engaging word practice.

Flat lays of vocabulary worksheets

Got a weekly vocabulary list? Then this download is for you! We designed it specifically to be used with any eight-word list. (Doing more than eight words? That’s OK! Use the deep-dive pages for individual words, have students use the back for additional words, or let them pick and choose.) We have eight pages for diving deep into this important word work. For each of these, you can have students fill out the words or you can write them on super-handy vocabulary worksheets.

Definition Detectives

Flat lay of Definitions Detectives vocabulary worksheet

For each vocabulary word, students write what they think the word means. Then, they use a dictionary to find out what it really means!

Sketch It Out!

Flat lay of Sketch It Out vocabulary  worksheet

Students will write their vocabulary words on the lines in each box and draw a picture showing the meaning of each word.

Write It Out!

Flat lay of Write It Out vocabulary worksheet

For each vocabulary word, students write a sentence that shows they know what the word means by using context clues. For example, “She is timid” doesn’t show that they know what timid means, but “The timid toddler hid behind her mom and wouldn’t answer my questions” does.

Parts of Speech Sort

Flat lay of Parts of Speech Sort vocabulary worksheet

Students will sort their vocabulary words into the correct category: noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.

Riddle Me This

Flat lay of Riddle Me This vocabulary worksheet

Invite students to pick one of their vocabulary words and write four clues that would help someone correctly guess the word (they can use a dictionary to help them). Then they can try it out on a classmate!

Vocabulary Four Square

Flat lay of Vocabulary Four Square vocabulary worksheet

For a vocabulary word of their choice, students write its definition, give a synonym and antonym, draw a picture of it, and use it in a sentence.

Vocab Roll

Flat lay of Vocab Roll vocabulary worksheet

For each of the vocabulary words, students roll the die and complete the assigned activity.

1 = Define the word.

2 = Use the word in a sentence.

3 = Write a synonym for the word.

4 = Write an antonym for the word.

5 = Draw a picture of the word.

6 = Act out the word for someone.

Story Time

Flat lay of Story Time vocabulary  worksheet

Using all the words in their vocabulary list, students write a simple story.