Schools Are Hosting Virtual Theme Weeks to Cheer Up Quarantined Kids

And we are here for it.

Collage of virtual theme weeks ideas for schools during quarantine

With most schools and districts shut down for the foreseeable future, many faculty and teachers are struggling to find ways to connect with their students. One idea that keeps popping up on our Principal Life Facebook group is the concept of a virtual theme week.

Schools implement theme weeks as a way to build school spirit … and there’s no reason to stop doing so just because the classrooms have been shifted to distance learning. Instead, just have your theme week go virtual too! Post the themes ahead of time and encourage students (or their parents) to email in images or videos, or post them on social media and tag the correct account to share. Students can even use creative photo or video editing if they don’t have the appropriate theme attire to wear. (Note: Theme weeks are meant to be inclusive and we have a resource of theme days that schools should avoid.)

Here are 20 virtual theme day ideas to get you started:

Comfy Sweats or PJ Day

Poster sharing schedule for virtual spirit week at school

Fostertown put together a theme week and their Monday encouraged comfortable clothing for all students and teachers. We can definitely get behind that!

Inside Out Day

The perfect spirit day to do when the clothes are running low!



Sports/Game Day

School social media post advertising virtual spirit week during quarantine

Sports may be canceled, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pull out these sports outfits or support your favorite teams.

Source: @bulldogbae’s spirit week

Work Out Day

Have students post a bit of exercising to share with their classmates.

School Colors Day

Have students show off their school spirit wear or clothing in your school colors.

Stuffed Animal Day

The perfect virtual spirit week theme to showcase the stuffed animals in our lives.

Literacy Day

Have students show off their favorite books, dress up like their favorite characters, or even submit a short video of them reading their favorite book aloud!

Superhero Day

Students can don their favorite superhero costumes, make a cape from a blanket, or even show off their “good deeds” for the day.

Wellness Wednesday

Flyer with blue skies and water advertising Wellness Wednesday as part of virtual school spirit week

Let’s not forget how stressful these times are. Students can post their favorite yoga moves or meditation clips.

Source: @bulldogbaes

Future Day

Have students think outside the box and put together something that futuristic to share.


Blue school calendar with table sharing virtual spirit week schedule

Have students share their favorite STEM activity or creation.

Source: @paxtoniael

Celebrity Look-A-Like Day

Has anyone ever said you look like a famous person? Now’s the time for students to style themselves and take on another persona for a day!

Red, White, and Blue

Virtual Spirit Week flyer sharing schedule for school during quarantine

Show that together we stand.

Source: @clark_school_counseling_dept

Decade Day

Have students dig through their parents’ closets to relive a particular decade.

Make a Creation Day

Encourage students to get creative and share their end results.

Global Day

Since everyone is more or less stuck at home, have students pick a country and represent that place for a day. (Perhaps even share a yummy recipe!)

Nature Scavenger Hunt Day

Pick a color and have students go in search of it outdoors

Neon Day

Have students go all out in neon. Clothes. Hair. Whatever they’ve got on hand!

Crazy Socks

Black and yellow virtual spirit week announcement on social media

We love that this school attached it to laundry day!

Source: @cragernation

Parent Day

Showcase the parents, have the students dress up like the parents, or even showcase what working from home might look like.

What are your favorite virtual theme week ideas? We’d love to hear about them in our Principal Life group on Facebook.

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Schools Are Hosting Virtual Theme Weeks to Cheer Up Quarantined Kids