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We Are Teachers hosts

We have so many incredible educators who contribute to We Are Teachers on a daily basis. From our Grade-Level and Subject Area Teacher Team to our writers on the site and creators on Instagram, we are proud to showcase hundreds of teacher voices from around the country. Now meet our Teacher Hosts!

You’ll find these incredible educators in our webcasts, YouTube channel, and on social media. They truly understand the needs and challenges of today’s teachers. Check them out!

Emily Wilde is a high school math teacher in Texas. 

Emily has more than 10 years of teaching experience and is also the creator of the brand Geometry and Jokes. 

Fun Fact: A student once signed her yearbook, “Thank you for making me love math again. I’m going to be an engineer and it is thanks to you.” 

Wisdom for Students: “Even on bad days, remember there are good things.” 


Find Emily: At her Geometry and Jokes Instagram and Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Thomas Bussey is an elementary teacher in Georgia. 

Thomas has taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades and is currently teaching 5th grade. You can find him on Instagram at The Best Educator. 

Fun Fact: A student once said to him, “You’re the most serious and most unserious teacher I’ve ever had.” Thomas says that pretty much sums him up perfectly. 

Wisdom for Students: “Be a taco, not a tortilla.” (A tortilla is a fine snack, but you want some delicious ingredients inside too.)  

Find Thomas: On his Instagram channel and especially check out this video.

Kim Lepre is a middle school English teacher in California. 

Kim Lepre has taught English and school band for many years, and she hosts the podcast Teachers Need Teachers. 

Fun Fact: A student once said to her, “I hate English, but this is still my favorite class.” 

Wisdom for Students: “Your grades do not equate to your self-worth. Cs still get degrees.” 

Find Kim: At her Teachers Need Teachers website and podcast.

Adam Peterson is an elementary educator in Illinois. 

Adam is a former kindergarten teacher, a current special ed teacher volunteer, and a tutor for K-3. He is the author of the book Teach, Play, Learn and speaks to educators all over the country. 

Fun Fact: He did a TED Talk called “Be the Yellow,” which you can check out here

Wisdom for Students: “Tomorrow is a new day for a new opportunity.” 

Find Adam: On his Amazon author page and on his website, Adam Peterson Education.

Hilary Statum is an ESL teacher in Tennessee. 

Hilary has also taught kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. She is passionate about reading instruction, and you can find her on Instagram under the name Pencils to Pigtails.  

Fun Fact: She worked in a television newsroom before becoming a teacher, so she really appreciates a teacher’s schedule. 

Wisdom for Students: “Read as much as you can every single day.” 

Find Hilary: At Pencils to Pigtails on Instagram.

Naomi Meredith is a K-5 STEM coach in Colorado. 

Naomi has spent more than 10 years in the classroom and is now a STEM leadership coach. You can find her leading her own educational podcast and YouTube channel, The Elementary STEM Coach. 

Fun Fact: Her favorite teachers growing up included Ms. Frizzle and Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

Wisdom for Students: “Everything is figureoutable.” 

Find Naomi: At The Elementary STEM Coach podcast and YouTube channel.

Fenyx Blue is an instructional coach in Illinois. 

Fenyx is a former ELA teacher and a certified SEL leader. She loves writing, and you can find her books on Amazon. 

Fun Fact: She remembers her favorite teacher growing up, Mr. Torrence, because he believed in her and said she’d make a great teacher one day. 

Wisdom for Students: “The best lesson in life is learning about yourself. So study yourself, and make sure you know who you really are.” 

Find Fenyx: On her Amazon author page.

Amber Mueller is an elementary teacher in California. 

Amber is a 4th and 5th grade teacher who has taught math, science, ELA, P.E., health, and art. Her teacher brand is called Thankful to Teach. 

Fun Fact: Her 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Weintraub, is the person who inspired her to become a teacher herself. 

Wisdom for Students: “Be the person who makes others feel better about themselves.” 

Find Amber: At her Teachers Pay Teachers store, Thankful to Teach.

Brooke Namoff is a high school English teacher in Ohio. 

Brooke has taught 8th, 10th, and 11th grades, and she has a big love for comedy. You can often find her doing funny videos on the We Are Teachers Instagram page

Fun Fact: She’s done training through both Second City Comedy Writing and The Groundlings Improv group. 

Wisdom for Students: “Be kind. And slay all day.” 

Find Brooke: Creating and writing for We Are Teachers—check out some of her articles here.

Our teacher hosts are here to give you advice and wisdom through videos. Plus, they feature popular Helpline advice.