Get This Free “Be an Upstander” Take-One Poster

Spread positivity in your classroom and school!

As a teacher, you know that loneliness is a major issue for kids and teens. In severe cases, social isolation can cause them to pull away and even hurt themselves or others. It’s more important than ever to give our students the tools to help create a more inclusive and connected school culture. A great first step to becoming an Upstander is to notice when someone is having a rough day and reach out. That can be hard to do, which is why we created this “Be an Upstander” take-one poster with help from our friends at Sandy Hook Promise.

How do I use the “Be an Upstander” take-one poster?

It’s easy! The idea is that you print out the poster and put it on a bulletin board or in your hallway, and students can take what they need. (We recommend cutting the messages along the bottom apart so they’re easy to tear off.)

Awesome, right? We’ve also included a black-and-white version of the poster so students can color it in if they’re so inclined.

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