Anyone who has been a teacher for more than five minutes knows that between limited funding and time constraints, we often have to get creative with our supplies. The scary truth about school supplies is that they often take on very different roles than intended …

This is your hair clip.

Binder Clip

You will forget it’s there and run errands in 19 public places after school.

This is what you use for a Band-Aid.

Tape Dispenser

At least until you can locate a real Band-Aid, which you can’t, because at your school they’re hoarded like treasure.

These really are treasure.

Flair Pens

My precious.

This is your battle armor during flu season.


Step 1: Pump. Step 2: Cross your fingers.

These are your personal assistants.

Cheaper than an actual personal assistant, but chances are you paid for them yourself, so …

This is a dangerous weapon.

At least in the hands of a kindergartener. And in the hands of a teenager, for that matter. And in the hands of an adult who thinks this is a dry-erase marker.

This is forgiveness.

I just realized that I pretty much never let students have forgiveness.

These are endangered species.

I write my name on everything now. Every. Thing.

This is your sports car.

Isn’t she a beauty?

This is your best friend.

Amazon, $15, you’re welcome.

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