Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letters and Lost Tooth Certificates

A touch of fairy dust!

Tooth Fairy letter and lost tooth certificate from school.

Losing baby teeth is a big part of growing up. While we all have to go through it, the experience can be a little jarring or emotional for kids. If you haven’t already, come up with a good plan for how to handle those situations in the classroom. To keep things fun and exciting, we created a set of free printable Tooth Fairy letters and certificates you can use the next time someone loses a tooth at school!


Tooth Fairy Ideas for Teachers

If you teach elementary school, there’s a good chance you’ll deal with a lost tooth at some point. Depending on the circumstances, you might need to get creative, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Of course, educators are great at thinking on their feet and we can learn from the experiences of others.

When one first grader lost his lost tooth, his principal vouched for him to the Tooth Fairy. And after her first grade student’s tooth was accidentally thrown out, an empathetic teacher wrote a letter of explanation to the Tooth Fairy on his behalf. You’ll find your own methods, but we have some suggestions to help you get started when a child loses a tooth.

Tips for Lost Teeth at School

So, what do you do when the big moment happens? Here are a few tips for navigating this important milestone in a student’s life.

Stay calm

Sometimes losing a tooth is uneventful, and at other times it comes with chaos. No matter what’s happening in the classroom, if you stay calm, you’ll set a good example for everyone.

Have stickers on hand


Commemorate the occasion by giving your students an “I Lost a Tooth!” sticker. Some might even be proud enough to put the sticker on their shirt!

Treasure the tooth

Keep the tooth safe by putting it in an adorable Tooth Fairy Box shaped like a treasure chest!

Keep it sanitary

For so many reasons, it’s important to focus on good hygiene when a child loses a tooth. If there was blood involved, have them rinse their mouth and use a disinfectant on any impacted surfaces. Anyone who handled the lost tooth should clean their hands, and to avoid infection, discourage the child from reaching into their mouth with dirty hands.

Write a letter

It only takes a few minutes to write a Tooth Fairy letter, but it can mean so much to kids. We designed the free printable tooth fairy letter below to help you save time.

Present a certificate

A school-approved lost tooth certificate is the perfect way to recognize the milestone. We designed the two free printable lost tooth certificates below, which you can present to your students. One even has a spot to tape the tooth for safekeeping!

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter

Tooth Fairy letters from school on blue background with tooth illustration.

Have a student who literally lost (and cannot find) a tooth at school? This free printable includes two tooth fairy letters per page. The message vouches for the lost tooth and helps curb student worries about not having evidence to bring home and put under their pillow.


Free Printable Lost Tooth Certificate

Lost tooth certificate for school to give to student.

These extremely cute, free printable lost tooth certificates look just like an official, but highly magical, certificate from school! Present it to your students to commemorate their lost tooth. They both include a diagram to mark the location of the lost tooth and checkboxes to note its condition. One version even includes a place to tape the tooth for safekeeping.