This Teacher Has a Beautiful Way of Keeping Track of Every Student She’s Taught

All the feels.

Screenshots from teacher's tiktok keeps track of students

With all the challenges teachers are currently facing, it’s often too easy to lose sight of the good parts of the job—like the incalculable reach most of us end up having on the next generation. Maybe that’s why we got a little teary when we saw TikTok teacher Stephanie Cowman go viral for her creative way of tracking her students over the years.


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The idea is simple. Cowman simply adds a colored bead to a glass vase for every student in her class for every year she’s taught.

The end result? A powerful (and beautiful) representation of the impact she’s made. While Cowman isn’t the first teacher to keep track of her students this way, several commenters noted that “you’re the first person I’ve seen do this and not do blue for boys and pink for girls.” “Came here to say the same,” wrote another commenter. “Thanks for doing this in an inclusive way.”

Another commenter had a fun idea for personalizing the project even more. “You should write first names on the beads to make it extra special.” We love it!

Looking for other ways to keep track of all the students you’ve taught?

We’ve seen lots of other creative ideas online, like having students sign a dress or shirt. Or you might have students sign a special book. (Our Class Is a Family by Shannon Olsen would be perfect for this!)

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We love how TikTok teacher Stephanie Cowman tracks all the students she's ever taught—and the incalculable impact she's had.