25 Third Grade Brain Breaks To Beat The Slump

Yoga moves, disco, and more!

Collage of video screenshots of third grade brain breaks

Have your students hit a wall? After hours of working hard, it can be tough to stay focused. These third grade brain breaks are a perfect way to give your classroom a boost to get back on track! Perfect for in the classroom or virtual learning, you can play these videos anywhere.

1. Action Songs for Kids

“Stomp, stomp, stomp your feet!”

2. Indoor Recess: The Ultimate Champ

Train with Coach Terry to become a mega-awesome champ!

3. Sherlock Gnomes Move N’ Groove


Have a blast with Gnomeo, Juliet, Nanette, a Goon, and Sherlock Gnomes!

4. Run The Red Carpet


Nothing is more exciting than a premiere!

5. The Loud House GoNoodle Dance Remix

Get up and dance because it’s time to party!

6. Banana Banana Meatball

“Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere!”

7. Young Dylan Dance Along

Repeat the sweet, sweet beat!

8. The Pirate Life

“Climb aboard and go this way, that way, forwards, backwards over the raging seas!”

9. Peanut Butter in a Cup

“Peanut butter in a cup. We sing this song to pump us UP!”

10. Lunch

“Move, dance, munch, and crunch as you sing about your delicious lunch.”

12. Koo Koo Kanga Roo

“Pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it!”

13. Clap It Out

“Count, count, count some syllables!”

14. Danger Force

“Run, jump, and collect 37 gumballs so you can join Captain Man and Schwoz on the Danger Force!”

15. Disco Brain

“Wave your hands in the air like the disco brain!”

16. Do The Dab

Learn to DAB like a pro!

17. D.I.S.C.O.

“D-I-S-C-O, that’s the way we DISCO!”

18. Footloose

“Lose your blues, kick off your Sunday shoes!”

19. Pump It Up

“Pump up your body and your jam with this intense and awesome workout!”

20. Flex

“Flex, melt, grow, and flap your arms along with your yellow clay friend.”

21. Celebrate

“I’ve got the feeling that today is a special day and we need to CELEBRATE!”

22. Cookie Boogie

“Shake, get down, and boogie like a cookie!”

23. Trolls: Can’t Stop The Feeling

“Got this feeling in my body!”

24. My Aunt Came Back

“…and she brought me back a hula hoop!”

25. Sit and Stretch

Chair-based yoga and breathing sequence ending with an inspiring visualization!

Do you have any third grade brain breaks to share? Post in the comments below!

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25 Third Grade Brain Breaks To Beat The Slump