15 Amazing Third Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

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Third Grade Blogs

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we think it takes one to teach them, too! That’s why it’s so great that today’s educators have found ways to connect through technology to share ideas and tips while creating a virtual community. Interested in some of our favorites? Here’s a list of the best third grade blogs and teachers to follow! 

Miss V in 3

Third Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Jen makes a huge effort to bring happiness and diversity to her classroom.

Must-read post: She shares the book Fry Bread along with commentary highlighting the importance of family, tradition, and culture. 

Chalk and Coffee

Why we love them: Rachel’s colorful decor and incredibly vibrant smile must really light up her classroom.

Must-read post: Her words on “Positive Post-Its Day” were a great reminder of how we can make a choice to spread positivity in our daily lives.  

Teaching with APPitude


Third Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Kami is a self-taught technology guru who helps teachers implement simple strategies to make their classrooms run more smoothly and generate genuine learning experiences. 

Must-read post: This fun iMovie trailer will inspire you to do something similar with and for your own students!


Think Grow Giggle

Why we love them: Jeanine comes up with some truly creative and engaging activities for young learners.

Must-read post: This virtual hug sent out to her fellow teachers will absolutely warm your heart. 

Teaching Third With Mr. G

Third Grade Blogs

Why we love them: With a strong emphasis on literacy (and bilingualism!), Juan brings warmth and heart to his classroom.

Must-read post: This post about setting realistic expectations for ourselves and students during a crisis is an important read. 

The Cutesy Class

Why we love them: Brittanie creates adorable t-shirts so you can show off your teacher style and love for your classroom!

Must-read post: You’ll laugh out loud at this relatable post about sending emails during a quarantine!

Third Grade Parade

Why we love them: Allie has a talent for finding some of the most meaningful, engaging picture books out there!

Must-read post: She shares I’m Stretched, a great book that highlights the importance of not taking on more than we can handle.

Teaching and Caffeine

Why we love them: Chelsea describes herself as a “hot mess with a passion for real talk, caffeine, and changing the future within the walls of my classroom.” Need we say more?

Must-read post: She shares a timely reminder that what works great in one classroom, may not work in another which is why we need to remember that none of us is perfect.

Hello 3rd Grade

Third Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Jess embraces flexibility and diversity to create an inclusive environment for her students.

Must-read post: This incredibly open and honest post about living with anxiety is as brave as it is important. 

Adaptation Station

Why we love them: As a former autism classroom teacher and a current master ABA therapist, Nicole is a wealth of information. 

Must-read post: She candidly discusses hitting rock bottom in 2016 and shares how she found a way to grow and become better than ever!

Island Lover Teacher

Why we love them: As you might have guessed from her blog’s name, Janice loves all things tropical. Also, she believes in teaching outside the lines with humor and kindness. 

Must-read post: She shares a very helpful reminder that, in life and in the classroom, we can’t always expect instant results—some things take time. 

That Teaching Spark

Why we love them: Amy finds a way to put a positive spin on even the toughest situations.

Must-read post: Students are missing the classroom, but she found a silver lining by letting them know that they are making history right now. 

Cupcakes n Curriculum

Why we love them: Jen’s got fun and creative ideas that are perfect for the classroom or with kids at home. 

Must-read post: You won’t be able to stop yourself from chuckling when you read this post about the horror of watching a flair pen end up in the hands of a student. 

Adrienne Teaches

Why we love them: Adrienne’s goal is to “grow 3rd grade readers & thinkers that will change the world.” You’ve got to love that confidence and passion!

Must-read post: We’ve all had moments of boredom, especially while self-isolating at home, but she’s got ideas for how to stay sane. 

Learning with Mrs. Fresh

Third Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Rachel offers teaching tips with a focus on kindness, personal development, and positivity.

Must-read post: She shares, Walk On, which she calls one of her “favorite go-getter, growth mindset, inspirational books” for kids. 

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15 Amazing Third Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow