How exactly does an invention get made? It’s a question kids love to explore. Give them a window into how innovation happens with this free “Think Like an Inventor” bulletin board kit featuring Habits of Innovators and Actions of Innovation from The Henry Ford’s Model i Framework. We’ve also included some awesome innovations from the museum’s collection, from the Model T to Tupperware!

How To Use the Inventor Bulletin Board Kit

  1. Print the bulletin board cards.
  2. Cut out the bulletin board cards.
  3. Decide how you’d like to display your cards. (Check out our ideas below.)
  4. Staple your pieces on a blank bulletin board or tape them on a door.
  5. Use your board to demonstrate an innovation journey and then guide students as they create their own (use these videos for inspiration).

Ideas for Your Display

Innovation Vocabulary: Display Actions of Innovation, Habits of Innovators, and Incredible Innovations in groups, as shown below. Think of this one like an innovation word wall!

"Think Like an Inventor" bulletin board mocked up as a word wall

An Innovation Journey: No two innovation journeys are the same. Pick an innovation and show its journey with the arrow cards. Here’s one way to do it:

"Think Like an Inventor" bulletin board mocked up as an innovation journey

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