100+ Movies About Teachers You’ll Want to Binge Watch

Because you know you miss school when you’re not there.

As much as teachers look forward to weekends and vacations, we know you miss the classroom.¬†Movies about teachers are a great way to escape and either laugh at a relatable comedy or cry at a moving drama about the power of education. To¬†facilitate your binge-watching whims, we’ve compiled this list of 100 movies that are either set in schools or specifically about teachers.¬†

Our criteria for this list:

  • Only¬†K‚Äď12 settings. So films like¬†Good Will Hunting and Daddy Day Care¬†don’t make the cut.
  • Documentaries and foreign films about teachers are permissible.
  • Made-for-TV movies about teachers are allowed but not TV series.

Here is our first pass. What did we miss? Which movies about teachers do you hate? Which movies set in schools do you love? Let us know. And does Children of a Lesser God belong on here? 




Foreign Films

Horror Films


Teen Movies

TV Movies

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