The Funniest, Most Useful, All-Round Best WeAreTeachers Posts of 2015

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It was our biggest year yet at WeAreTeachers. We published over 375 articles on our site this year. Our top posts tell a story. They tell us that teachers care about good teaching, they care about their students, and that teachers love to laugh! Our humor
posts topped the charts on our blog and on most of our social media channels. Want to know what gets teachers giggling? Take a look at our list of our most popular content of 2015 to find out.

Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

10 Creative Ways to Introduce Yourself to Your Students

Teacher Introduction

Wow! One of our most popular post for 2015 goes all the way back to 2012.  Some days it feels like things in education are changing a mile a minute!  Some things though, are timeless. Most of us still get a brand new batch of students every year and are
still looking for creative ways to start things off.

24 Must Share Poems for Middle and High School


We feel deeply. As much as we love to laugh at ourselves, more than anything we want our students to learn to love beautiful creativity.

10 Cool, Crazy-Comfortable Shoes for Teachers

This one is no laughing matter. We really do need our feet to feel good at the end of the day!


25 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing


We can’t get enough Anchor Charts! While actually published in 2014, this post was still one of our top ten! Teachers love their charts.

6 Ways in Which Teaching Is Nothing Like The Movies

6 Ways in Which Teaching Is Nothing Like the Movies

Only a few weeks old, this post from one of our newest bloggers has already broken into our top ten. Way to go Captain Awesome!

7 Signs You Know It’s Spring In Your Classroom

7 signs it's spring

It’s a Love,Teach classic. Full of truth and humor.

The Emojis of Teaching

what emojis mean for teachers
More humor. More Love, Teach. It’s posts like these that get us through the long days!

What to do with that Awkward 5-10 minutes of Class You Have Left


We love it when writers can be both funny and practical. We totally want to try number seven someday.

17 More Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring a Standardized Test

17 things for teachers to do while actively monitoring

Because seriously, with all of the time we spend testing,  we need to keep ourselves entertained.

Are you curious about our most popular post of 2015? So were we. It didn’t surprise us to discover that it was this post by Love, Teach, because it’s one of our all time favorite posts too:

Say This Not That: A Guide to Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations about Teaching

maggie smith

Be sure to carry this advice tucked away in your back pocket as you navigate the holidays with friends and relatives this season. You know that at least one of them will hit you with one of the obnoxious comments on this list!

Top Social Media Posts of 2015

And while we’re making lists (We love lists, don’t you?) we thought we’d throw in some of our most popular social media posts too.


Teachers reacted when we shared this image on Facebook. It was easily our biggest Facebook post of the year. (You can like our Facebook page here.)



Our most popular tweet addressed the crazy mind of a teacher. Follow us on Twitter here.

most popular tweet


Our very own 100 Colorful Words to Use Instead of Saidwas our top performing pin on Pinterest. Follow us on Pinterest here.

100 Colorful Words to Use Instead of Said


Teachers again showed us that they loved to laugh on Instagram with this classic December meme garnering the most likes of 2015. Follow us on Instagram here.


What was your favorite WeAreTeachers post of 2015? Did we share something funny that you just keep laughing about? A helpful classroom tip that changed the way you teach? We’d love to hear about it.  Tell us in the comments.