38 Funny Things Teachers Call Their Students

Which ones would you use?

What do you call your students? In an effort to be more inclusive than “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen,” many teachers have moved onto terms like “scholars,” “mathematicians,” and “first graders.” We’ve gathered more expert advice on this topic here. But we couldn’t resist sharing some of the sweet, funny terms of endearment from Reddit teachers in this recent thread. Would you use any of them?

(You know your students and school best, of course, and some of these might work in a kindergarten classroom but come across the wrong way in a room full of high schoolers, or vice versa. Use the fine judgment we know you have as a shaper of young minds. 😉)

  1. Sweet angel babies
  2. Trash pandas
  3. Fam
  4. Y’all
  5. Nerds
  6. Beauty queens
  7. Darling dears
  8. Majestic moonbeams
  9. My rays of sunshine
  10. Muppets
  11. My dudes
  12. Children of the corn
  13. Sweet little blueberries
  14. Spicy tacos
  15. Peanut butter cups
  16. Turkey tornados
  17. Young’uns
  18. Goofballs
  19. Gang
  20. Folks
  21. Chickadees
  22. Hobbits
  23. Possums
  24. Hobgoblins
  25. Monsters
  26. Minions
  27. Sugarplums
  28. Poppets
  29. My loves
  30. My evil henchmen
  31. Party people
  32. Troublemakers
  33. Jellybeans
  34. Chickens
  35. Squirrels
  36. Besties
  37. Pumpkins
  38. Mates

What do you call your students? Did we miss your any of your favorite terms of endearment? Please share in the comments.

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38 Funny Things Teachers Call Their Students