27 #TeacherTruths Only Classroom Vets Will Understand

Let’s keep it real up in here.

White lettering on blue background: "I've been a teacher so long one of my eyebrows is permanently raised."

For some reason, everyone thinks they know what it’s like to be a teacher. But the truth is, there are things you just can’t understand about teaching until you’re in the middle of it. These teachers are keeping it real and sharing all kinds of #TeacherTruths!

1. But it is a marathon!

I've never run a marathon -- #teachertruths

Just not running one.

2. You go here. No. You go here.

Creating a seating chart is a lot like playing a game of sudoku -- #teachertruths

Can’t put them next to friends!

3. Who needs a fitness program?

The cool thing about teaching?

Teaching: the ultimate cardio.

4. Any way this qualifies me for a raise?

One of my eyebrows is permanently raised. -- Teacher Truth

The side effects of teaching.

5. Date night looks so different!


When date night consists of strolling the aisles of the container store -- #teachertruths

And don’t forget Target shopping.

Source: @onestopteachershop

6. Wine. So much wine.

The necessary tools to thrive in a classroom

But better pay trumps the rest.

Source: @makingastatementinsped

7. My life is made up of piles.

Most of my day is spent putting stuff in piles ...

Waaaaaay too many piles.

Source: @thecharmedteacher

8. SO much yes.

Middle school teachers can never have enough of ...

I might add wine to this list.

Source: @southern6th

9. Decisions, decisions.

Should I eat or should I make copies? #teachertruths

There are always one million things to do at once.

Source: @teachingjoys


10. I’d like to “spark” my piles of papers.

Goodbye piles of ungraded papers! #teachertruths

See you later!

Source: @thrilledtobeteaching

11. Abnormal and freaky.

Anatomy of a Teacher

That’s how we roll.

Source: @erinwritersedu

12. Yes and yes!

Yes, you are exhausted and yes you are killin' it

Killin’ it.

Source: @coreinspiration

13. It’s what you’d call an intimate relationship.

Teacher friends are like bras ...

They’re also like gum under students’ desks—not going anywhere. Definitely #teachertruths!

Source: @missjacobslittlelearners

14. Every. Single. Day.

If you are wearing stripes you can go back to your seat.

When you thought it would be a simple direction.

Source: @starteachers_usa

15. Reality check.

Love is in the air - but so is the flu!

Can I say it again for the folks in the back? Wash. Your. Hands.

Source: @mrsmunchsmunchkins

16. Maybe they cover these in grad school.

Vital chapters missing from education textbooks -- #teachertruths

And here are the missing college courses, too.

Source: @erinwatersedu/grad school

17. Am I right?

Being a teacher is like trying to fly an airplane while building it!

Or ride a bicycle while it’s on fire. Take your pick.

Source: @missjacobslittlelearners/airplane

18. #Goals

I'm always in a rush to get home and do absolutely nothing -- Teacher Truth

Day over, feet up! Who’s with me?

Source: @topteacher

19. At least the herd-of-charging-rhinos part.

My classroom looks like I am losing a game of Jumanji -- Teacher Truth

Where’s Robin Williams when I need him?

Source: @twinklscotland

20. Just doin’ a little role-play.

A friend asked me -- Teacher Truth

Also, when is recess?

Source: @fromthepond

21. It’s a daily challenge.

Their job: stay little. My job: stay calm.

Parents’ job: Trust me.

Source: @seriousgiggles

22. Low supply, high demand.

Welcome to 2nd semester/ #teachertruths

Happy to see you, second semester!

Source: @teachingmore

23. SAME.

Some days when I teach I amaze myself! #teachertruths#teachertruths

Or find my keys in my trash can.

Source: @ellateachers3rd

24. True love.

A teacher's valentine. #teachertruths


Source: @erinwatersedu/valentine

25. Come again?

Teaching is repeating yourself.

There’s a little bit of holding your pee in there, too.

Source: @erinwatersedu/college

26. We’ve got the documentation to prove it.

A teacher never realizes how much they do until it's written down in sub plans.

It’s actually kind of shocking when you add it all up.

Source: @markersandminions

27. There is an eerie connection.

Two teachers in matching t-shirts.

Full moon, full cray.

Source: @tshirts2teach

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