25 #TeacherTruths That’ll Have You Saying Amen!

Let’s keep it real up in here.


For some reason, everyone thinks they know what it’s like to be a teacher. But the truth is, there are things you just can’t understand about teaching until you’re in the middle of it. We love all these teachers who are keeping it real and sharing all kinds of #TeacherTruths.

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1. My life is made up of piles. 

Waaaaaay too many piles.

2. SO much yes. 

I might add wine to this list.

3. Decisions, decisions. 

There are always one million things to do at once.

4. I’d like to “spark” my piles of papers. 

See you later!

5. Abnormal and freaky.

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I'm no doctor, buuuut…

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That’s how we roll.

6. Yes and yes!

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Food for thought. It’s the time of year when exhaustion hits hard for teachers. You are still guiding your new students towards mastering routines, but beginning to feel the pressure to pick up the pace so you can fit it all in. You’re finishing up those back-to-school assessments, but beginning to sense the looming intensity of fall conferences. You’re still getting to know the academic needs of your students, but have already built a community that makes them feel comfortable enough to open up to you about their social and emotional needs at recess and lunch. When you’re on the fence between that beginning of year hustle and the fall buckle-down…exhaustion is totally normal. That’s why it’s more important than ever to remember the world isn’t going to stop spinning if you allow yourself to slow down a bit. Your students need all the love and passion you have to share with them, but they also need you to head home, unwind, and focus on the undeniable fact that you’re killin’ this teacher game. 💪🏻 Spread all your teacher love in the comments below. 💙

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Killin’ it.

7. It’s what you’d call an intimate relationship.

They’re also like gum under students’ desks—not going anywhere.

8. Every. Single. Day. 

When you thought it would be a simple direction.

9. Reality check. 

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This is the TRUTH 😂❤️🤒⁣ ⁣ Ya’ll know how the best laid plans just don’t always play out? That was my day. Though my absent crew from Friday returned, I had a whole new crew out (1/3 of my sweet people, to be exact!) 😥⁣ ⁣ Trying to get everyone caught up, get all the make-up work ready, teach all the things we still need to do, and not get sick in the process is hard work! 😷😴 ⁣ ⁣ But I choose joy, (our school’s motto!) and I choose to have a good attitude and be the best I can be. That is all we can control, so that’s all we can do. ❤️⁣ ⁣ Shoutout to @miss.cohen.pa for this perfect letter board photo! 🎉💕⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #sickstudents #teachershare #secondisthebest ⁣ #iloveteaching #teacherspayteachers #classroomdecor #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofig #teachersoftpt #teacher #tpt #igconnect4edu #happyteacher #happyclassrooms #classroominspiration #igteachers #iteachtoo #2ndgrade #iteach2nd #iteach #teacherlife #weareteachers ⁣ #iteachsecond #teachergram #classroom #teachertribe #lifeofateacher⁣ #2ndgradeteacher #teachersofinsta⁣ #elementaryteacher ⁣

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Can I say it again for the folks in the back? Wash. Your. Hands.

10. Maybe they cover these in grad school.

And here are the missing college courses, too.

11. Who needs a fitness program?

Teaching: the ultimate cardio.

12. Oops, did I say that out loud?

I didn’t mean it.

13. Am I right?

Or ride a bicycle while it’s on fire. Take your pick.

14. #Goals

Day over, feet up! Who’s with me?

15. At least the herd-of-charging-rhinos part. 

Where’s Robin Williams when I need him?

16. What teacher dreams are made of. 

When they invent automatic-grading technology, I will be here for it.

17. Just doin’ a little role-play. 

Also, when is recess?

18. Any way this qualifies me for a raise?

The side effects of teaching.

19. It’s a daily challenge.

Parents’ job: Trust me.

20. Low supply, high demand.

Happy to see you, second semester!

21. SAME. 

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Anyone else?😂👏 @ella_teaches_3rd

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Or find my keys in my trash can.

22. True love. 

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23. Come again?

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I was never a math whiz, but this seems accurate to me.

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There’s a little bit of holding your pee in there, too.

24. We’ve got the documentation to prove it.

It’s actually kind of shocking when you add it all up.

25. There is an eerie connection. 

Full moon, full cray.

What words of wisdom would you add to our list of #TeacherTruths? Come share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

Plus, why teachers make the worst students.

25 #TeacherTruths That'll Have You Saying Amen!

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