#TeachersGet2 Is the Hashtag We All Need Right Now

The movement is shining a spotlight on some of best parts of the job.


To say it’s been a rough month for teachers is an understatement. With the devastating tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, strikes in West Virginia, and the everyday challenges of the job, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed—or even completely discouraged. So that’s why we were heartened to see hundreds of educators share the wonderful, joyful parts of teaching on Twitter,  using the hashtag #teachersget2.

Twitter user and program administrator John Norlin started the trend on Wednesday, saying “for all the things a teacher has to do that seem routine and unimportant, let’s not forget the things a teacher gets to do like shine light into the dark places of a student’s life.”

Norlin then went on to share more of his favorite parts of the job, including dressing up in costumes for Spirit Week, “developing a ‘look’ that could stop Superman in his tracks,” and getting to share what he is passionate about with students.


Twitter teachers took up Norlin’s challenge quickly, with hundreds of educators sharing their #teachersget2 moments and sources of inspiration. Here’s just a peek at some of what they shared.

Teachers get to build relationships every day.

Teachers get to help kids to go after their goals.

Teachers get to be a touchpoint in children’s lives.

Teachers get to watch our students make big accomplishments—even if it means some interesting smells along the way. ?

Teachers get to do one million different things in one day.

Teachers get to read some pretty amazing books.


Teachers get to be there for students when no one else is.

Teachers get to show up.

Teachers get to model love.

Teachers get to foster leadership.

Teachers get to play lots and LOTS of Quizlet…

Teachers get to celebrate differences

And finally, teachers get to laugh A LOT!

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