26 Signs You’re a Teacher on Summer Break

All signs point to yes.

Let’s be honest, if you’re a teacher on summer break, you don’t really need a reminder that you’re on summer break. But just in case you’re hit with a sudden case of amnesia, here are 26 reminders of why your lesson book is getting dusty.

1. The alarm clock on your cell phone hasn’t been used in weeks.


2. You have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is. Wednesday? Saturday? It’s all the same.



3. You’ve traded in your sensible teacher clothes for a rotating wardrobe of yoga pants, flip-flops, swimsuits and old T-shirts from college.


4. When it comes to accessories, you pat your neck approximately 1 million times a day, checking for the lanyard and school ID that isn’t there.


5. You’re making your non-teacher friends jealous with your weekday beach and hammock pictures.



6. Only your teacher friends understand that in between those summer snapshots, you’re already prepping and planning for next year.


7. Speaking of which, no matter how hard you try, you can’t help yourself from hopping on Pinterest every so often every day to save cool ideas for your classroom.


8. And from testing out some of those ideas on your own kids. Edible solar system play dough or slime anyone?


9. You don’t always respond to your first name or even Mom or Dad. But when someone calls out “Mr. G.!” at the neighborhood pool, you’re all ears.


10. Your library card is getting a workout like it hasn’t seen in nine months.

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11. And if you’re the motivated type, your treadmill is too.


12. You run into your students in the most unexpected places.


13. Like your shared summer job at the movie theater. #PayTeachersMorePlease


14. You have a love-hate relationship with the school supply displays that pop up in July. #TooSoon #ButPrettyPrettyPencils



15. Your relationship with your refrigerator, however, is a lot less complicated. Two months of freedom from cafeteria food!



16. It’s been weeks since you uttered the words, “One, two, three … eyes on me.”


17. To a group of 30 kids anyway … you have been known to say it to your dog.


18. The only angry parent you’ve talked to recently is your own. #SorryMom #BeenBusyReading #Really


19. If you’re one of those lucky teachers on a nine- or 10-month payroll, budgeting has gotten creative. #BringOntheRamen


20. Then again, if you do get a paycheck over the summer, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing that money deposited into your account while you kick back with a book.


21. Despite your vow to take a real break from school, you wonder about your former students daily. Are they having a good break? Are they ready for next year? Have they picked up any summer reading?



22. And of course, you can’t help obsessing over next year’s group of kids too.

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23. Sometime in August, you start to get the itch. And the only way to scratch it is to buy school supplies, make seating charts, and brainstorm amazing lessons.


24. So as soon as you get the keys to next year’s classroom, you’re in there with a bottle of Windex and a shopping list a mile long.


25. Your countdown to the first day of school starts not much longer after the one to the last day of school ends.


26. And finally, you recognize that while teachers may have summers off, in many ways they’re always on.

26 Signs You’re a Teacher on Summer Break