16 Teacher Wreaths You’ll Want to Make for Your Classroom

Make one for yourself and another for a friend.

Best Teacher Wreaths for the Classroom

Looking for a way to say WELCOME with a splash? Just in time for back to school (or anytime really), we pulled together our favorite teacher wreaths and put them all in one spot. Which one will you try to craft? 

1. Stick with classic school supplies.

Nothing screams back to school quite like brand-new school supplies! This tutorial from JoAnn Fabrics takes you through each step so that you can create your own school supply wreath. Here’s the best part of this wreath: It’s super lightweight, thanks to its foam wreath base!

2. Combine crayons and a message board.

You can change out the message on this wreath all year long. It’s so easy to make; seriously, all you need is 30 minutes. Here are the full instructions. 

3. Stay sharp with this no. 2 pencil wreath.

This wreath is a happy wreath! The no. 2 pencil rays make the wreath look like a giant sun, and the chalkboard frame lets you personalize your message. With a little hot glue and a super pack of pencils, you’ll be on your way.

Source: Fancy Frugal Life

4. Make a statement with this red burlap apple wreath.


If you’re pressed for time, skip the DIY and snatch up this red burlap apple wreath. It’s colorful, well put together, and slightly rustic—perfect for sending out those classic back-to-school vibes. This wreath is customizable too! You can toss the chalkboard or swap the fabric for green burlap.

Grab a red apple wreath (or a Granny Smith one!) from Chatsworth Ranch Co.

5. Get cozy with this grapevine wreath.

The nice thing about this grapevine wreath is that you can easily transition it throughout the year. Simply swap out the school supplies and replace them with seasonal items: fall leaves, Halloween décor, winter holiday décor, hearts, or springtime cutouts. Voila! Easiest wreath you can have!

Source: Country Design Style

6. Create a felt apple back-to-school wreath.

A shiny red apple is the epitome of a new school year. In this case, felt red apples, loose-leaf paper, and no. 2 pencils create the rustic-looking wreath to commence the new year.

Get the tutorial from Atop Serenity Hill.

7. Get personal with this personalized ruler wreath.

The cute banner can display your name, your room number, or the subject you teach. Your students will think you spent hours cutting out these perfect letters, but the secret is really the felt alphabet stickers! This is a particularly great wreath if you are a math teacher.

Source: Consumer Crafts

8. Learn how to make this book-inspired burlap wreath.

It’s rustic, it’s cute, and it’s every book lover’s dream. How cute are those mini book covers! Follow along with this video tutorial, and you can have your very own wreath. Tip: Swap out the mini book jackets for the books that your class is currently reading. This is great for English teachers.

Source: Kenarry Ideas for the Home

9. Borrow an idea from an everyday material. 

This bus stop wreath is made out of a surprising material: paper napkins! Once you get the basic concept down, you can easily create inexpensive variations throughout the school year.

Source: Just Dip It in Chocolate

10. Make a statement with this fabric-covered wreath.

You can easily alter the fabric of this wreath to match your classroom color scheme. Whether you are going for the traditional primary-color theme or you are opting for a more modern palette, this wreath can fit into any classroom nicely.

Source: Miss Lovie Crafts

11. Not so crafty? Order a custom ribbon wreath!

If you’ve tried to tie ribbons to make those bridal shower bouquets, you know that there is an art to making ribbons and bows look deliberate and not just hodge-podge! Holiday Baubles is on point with their ribbon arrangements! Choose a premade wreath or order a custom wreath to meet your needs.

Source: Holiday Baubles

12. Get floral with this flower-inspired back-to-school wreath.

These loose-leaf paper flowers add a certain softness to this back-to-school wreath. It’s cute, and the crayons on the side are a nice touch!

Source: Infarrantly Creative

13. Let an inspirational quote be the focus. 

Although this is not technically a wreath per se, this door hanger could certainly be hung from a wreath hanger on the center of your door! This quote certainly sets the tone for a positive school year.

Source: Unknown 

14. Inspire reading with a little Dr. Seuss. 

If your students love Dr. Seuss, they’ll love walking into your classroom and seeing this Cat in the Hat wreath! It’s colorful, happy, and gets students excited to explore the world of reading.

Source: Unknown

15. So happy to be stuck with you this year!

Do you teach younger students? If so, you’re probably very familiar with glue sticks. This wreath incorporates the glue stick as part of a back-to-school pun: I’m so happy to be “stuck” with you this year! Students might giggle at this wreath, and it can even serve as an icebreaker by getting the kids talking! Follow the tutorial and make your own in no time at all.

Source: I Heart Crafty Things

16. Try a door hanger instead.

These door hangers not only look great, they can also be used for the entire school year. Personalize your hanger even more by including (or excluding) the ribbons.

Source: Unknown 

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16 Teacher Wreaths You'll Want to Make for Your Classroom