Do you have a teacher planner? Me neither. At least not one that looks like this. But I’m grateful for all you organized teachers out there, because these planner spreads are #goals.

1. Washi tape embellishment.

What is it about Washi tape that makes even grading seem doable?

2. Colorful lists.

This spread makes me want to do a random stranger’s tasks.

3. DIY templates.

We love how each class gets a section in this fab planner.

4. A little humor never hurts.

“All the school things ever.” I feel ya, sister.

5. Fun stickers.


6. Color-coded perfection.

So colorful, so on top of it.

7. Do today, do this week, do soon.

A smart way to break it down.

8. Black and white simplicity.

I wish my handwriting looked like this.

9. Sticky note dashboard.

Take those random Post-Its off your desk and get them into your planner.

Weekly planning checklist dashboard. No more sticky notes all over the place! #teacherplanner #fortheloveofpostits #postitnotes

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10. Planning through doodles.

Those clouds are her book clubs, and she’s going to fill in student names later. Brilliant.

11. Celebrating reading.

Love the idea of using book covers to represent your read alouds!

12. Geometric beauty.

Even professional development looks attractive in this planner.

13. Unit planning.

Yes. I want this.

14. A week at a glance.

I love being able to see to-dos and individual classes all in one view.

15. Motivational quotes.

Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets you through.

16. “If there’s time.”

So smart.

17. Hand-drawn layout.

You don’t need an expensive planner to get your act together.

18. Pretty fonts.

Customized labels/stickers make it all go faster.

Still customizing… #happyplannerteacheredition #teacherplanner #plannerpeace

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19. PD note-taking.

Makes me want to put all this stuff into practice.

20. Type it out.

Save your hands and wrists.

21. A monthly perspective.

Birthdays, goals, and events.

Do you use a planner? What are your secrets? Please share in the comments.