20 Terrific Guided Meditations for Teachers

Grab a cup of coffee and catch your breath. Just breathe.

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It has been quite a year, to say the least. Whether you are a beginning teacher or a long-term veteran, this has probably been the most challenging year of your career. Regardless of if you are teaching in person, virtually, or in a hybrid model of some sort, you are expending every ounce of your energy trying to reach your students. Many of us have been so caught up in the madness that we have forgotten the most important factor: taking care of ourselves. These teacher guided meditations can be done anywhere and are perfect for when you just need to breathe. So, grab a cup of coffee and catch your breath with any of the 20 below! Additionally, consider sharing them with your students as needed.

1. 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Beginners

This is a great video for anyone, especially if you are new to meditation. Relax and breathe.

2. 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Try this meditation anytime you are feeling anxious to put your mind at ease. Breathe. Just breathe.

3. 10 Minute Guided Meditation to Start the Day


This is one of our favorite teacher guided meditations. Try it first thing in the morning to bring positive vibes throughout your day! Good, good, good, good vibrations.



4. Calming Meditation with Affirmations

Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga With Kassandra will soothe your soul with these calming affirmations. Check out her YouTube channel for more gentle meditations and a plethora of yoga classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis. Namaste.

5. 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Inner Peace

Adrienne Mishler of Yoga with Adrienne walks you through this peaceful meditation to help you catch your breath. Her YouTube channel is filled with mediations and yoga classes for yogis of all levels. Catch your breath with her and her adorable dog, Benji!

6. Deepak Chopra 10 Minute Guided Meditation

World-famous, spiritual guru Deepak Chopra will help you catch your breath with this meditation when you are feeling uneasy. In addition, check out his books and other videos for advice on achieving a more peaceful and balanced life.

7. A Mindful, Self Soothing, Guided Meditation

Join Tamara Levitt to wash your worries away in just 10 minutes. If you enjoy this meditation, be sure to check out more from Tamara through her website and popular app, Calm.

8. Feel Amazing in 10 Minutes


Change your whole outlook in just 10 minutes with this amazing meditation. Breathe in, breathe out.

9. A Grounding Guided Meditation 

Join the Mindful Movement to ground yourself while chasing nervous feelings away. Zen starts now!

10. Pave the Way for Abundance and Creativity


Pave the way for abundance and creativity with self-help guru Louise Hay. You should definitely check out her longer meditations and books, too, after this gentle introduction to her. She gives wonderful advice for achieving a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life!

11. Feel the Positive Energy from Gratitude


Strengthen your gratitude practice with this 10 minute, positive meditation. Catch your breath and let go.

12. Focus on Self Improvement Guided Meditation

This meditation is a great pick me up, focusing on self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Breathe the blues away!

13. Let it All Go with This Guided Meditation

Forget all your troubles with this guided meditation. Picture ocean waves rolling in and out as you let go.

14. Cleanse Your Chakras in 10 Minutes

Chakras are the seven energy points in the body, from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. They correspond to the nerves, organs, and other body parts. This meditation will help cleanse and align the chakras for peace and calm.

15. Take a Time Out From Stress

Visualize white sand beaches and ocean waves as you catch your breath and take time out from stress.

16. Remove Blockages and Negative Energies

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, or in a rut? Master Sri Akarshana will help you turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Happiness starts now!

17. Calm Down and Banish Stress With This Guided Meditation

Feeling frazzled or stressed is not enjoyable. Calm down and banish negative feelings with this 10-minute meditation from the Honest Guys.

18. Positive Affirmations to End Your Day

We have all had one of those days where it feels like nothing is going right. This evening meditation is perfect for when you need to shut off your brain and reassure yourself that everything’s gonna be alright.

19. Sleep Well with This Guided Meditation

Boho Beautiful leads this 10-minute meditation to help you sleep soundly. Start counting those sheep before your head even hits the pillow.

20. Evening Guided Meditation from Goodful

Get cozy and ready for a night of deep sleep as you take deep breaths with this 10-minute guided meditation from Goodful.

What teacher guided meditations do you use when you just need to catch your breath? Share in the comments below and just breathe!

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20 Terrific Guided Meditations for Teachers