Recently, a Twitter user who writes semi-anonymously as Random Writer (@TheReelRandom, or J.D. according to his blog) shared a thread that’s making the rounds on Twitter. After teaching teenagers for over three decades, he made a list of the greatest lessons he’s learned as a teacher—and luckily, he shared that with all of us.

Teacher advice can be a polarizing topic. Our classrooms, students, and systems vary so much from country to country, state to state, and even by zip code in the same city. But what’s beautiful and useful about @TheReelRandom’s advice is that it seems to apply everywhere. Whether it’s the humor in his wisdom or the honesty, this thread resonated with thousands of users on Twitter.

I’ll admit, he had me nervous with number three …

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But sweetly followed up with number four.

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Where was this advice my first year of teaching?

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I think we need a “do no harm” oath for teachers.

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Judging by the comments, number 20 was probably the most controversial of any of his points.

But hey, it’s his list!

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We have all needed to hear number 23 at some point in our careers.

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Can we go back in time and have him as our mentor teacher?

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I think he meant “throwing” in number 31, which makes his point even more adorable.

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“Tell the truth.”

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Many teachers around the country have either already started the school year or will soon. I don’t know of a better pep talk as we head back into our classrooms.

Always feed them.

Do no harm.

Tell the truth.

We’re curious—what’s the top lesson(s) you’d share from your time in the classroom? Let us know in the comments.

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A Teacher of 31 Years Shared the Greatest Lessons He's Learned, and It’s Honestly Gold