1st Grade

Teach Non-Standard Weights & Measurement Using This Easy Homemade Weigh Station

One plastic dinosaur equals three heart erasers.

Teach Non Standard Weights Using This Homemade Weigh Station

Do you teach weight and measurement using non-standard units? Then you need to make this easy homemade weigh station for some hands-on exploration. It’s a great center activity or way to model non-standard units for the whole class.

Here’s What You Need

  • Hanger
  • 3 small binder clips
  • 3 large binder clips
  • 2 clear plastic cups
  • Bulletin board paper
  • Thumbtacks
  • Marker
  • Level

Here’s What to Do

1. Begin by placing the small binder clips on either end of the hanger. Remove the handles.

Step 1 - Easy Homemade Weigh Station

2. Place a large binder clip over the top of the small binder clips.

Step 2 - Easy Homemade Weigh Station

3. Attach cups.

Step 3 - Homemade Weigh Station

4. Make a hook for the weigh station by placing another large binder clip over a small binder clip. Remove one of the large handles and one of the small handles.

Step 4 - Homemade Weigh Station

5. Attach the hook to a paper-covered bulletin board by placing thumbtacks in the remaining small handle.

Step 5 - Homemade Weigh Station

6. Hang the weigh station on your hook.

Step 6 - Homemade Weigh Station

7. Draw a level line below the weigh station.

Step 7 - Homemade Weigh Station

8. Use different non-standard weights to see what equals what…

Step 8 - Homemade Weigh Station

9. …or what weighs more or less.

Step 9 - Homemade Weigh Station


Watch the video to get the complete how-to instructions for making the homemade weigh station: