Listen to Famous Actors Read Children’s Books (For Free)

It’s like going to the movies in school!

Actors Read children's books

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation has a really cool free Storyline online program. They offer an online streaming video program in which famous actors read children’s books aloud. This a great tool for when you need a break from reading yourself, and a fun way to get your students engaged! Afterall, these actors have made it on the big screen for a reason (read: their voices are nice). So give your own teacher voice a break!

There are 24 different titles available including popular favorites:

  • Stellaluna – read by Pamela Reed
  • Harry the Dirty Dog – read by Betty White
  • A Bad Case of Stripes – read by Sean Astin
  • The Rainbow Fish – read by Ernest Borgnine
  • Sebastian’s Roller Skates – read by Caitlin Wachs
  • To Be a Drum – read by James Earl Jones

The videos begin by showing the famous actor, then switch to the book’s illustrations with minimal animation. Each book also includes activities and lesson ideas. Play them for the whole class or use them in a listening center. You can also subscribe to the Storytime Newsletter to be notified when a new story is available.

The easiest way to use Storyline Online is straight through the embedded YouTube videos on their site. However, if your school blocks YouTube, you can view the stories on SchoolTube instead.