Story Time From Space

What a cool way to do read alouds@

If you have a space unit coming up in your classroom this year (or even if you don’t!), check out Story Time From Space. In this program, astronauts read space-themed stories while aboard the International Space Station. In the first installment, astronaut Mike Hopkins reads Max Goes to the Space Station in the cupola of the ISS.

Max Goes to the Space Stationis the prequel to the Science Adventures with Max the Dog series written by educator and astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett. This installment follows Max on his trip to the International Space Station, where he shares in the adventures of astronaut life and helps save everyone from a potential disaster along the way. You can read more about this book here and see all of the other books in the Max the Dog series here.

Currently there is only one installment, but we will post an update when they release a new Story From Space. In the meantime, check out the International Space Station’s website. They offer a live feed of the Space Station as well as a Station Tracker, activities, videos and more. It’s really cool!