The Sticky Note Whiteboard Is Changing Our Classroom Community Game

Erin Castillo, you’re a genius.

Collage of sticky note white boards

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for new ways to use sticky notes. But teacher Erin Castillo of @affirmationsandaccessibility takes the cake. Her sticky note whiteboard is all about building classroom community and we are here for it (and her gorgeous handwriting).

What is a sticky note whiteboard?

A sticky note whiteboard is basically a question written on the whiteboard for students to respond to. You scatter an arrangement of sticky notes around it and they can grab one and write on it. Erin uses it as a mental health or community-building exercise. We love it as an entry task.

Sticky note white board with text 'We Can Do It Wednesday'

Image source: @affirmationsandaccessibility

What can I use for prompts?

We dug through Erin’s Instagram, and she has some bangers, from having students writing a down a negative thought or situation (which she then SHREDS!) to affirmations for classmates (she puts their names in the corner of the notes). Here are some more we thought of:

  • Write down something you could use help with. Be sure to include your name so your classmates with those skills can help you.
  • List the top three things on your bucket list. Put it back up so we can all see!
  • Who motivates you? Write down how they drive you and then share it with them.
  • Write a forgiving message to yourself. Take it with you and put it someplace where you can see it.

What else do I need to know?

We love how artistic Erin’s boards are, but we know those fancy Post-its cost money! This can absolutely work with the yellow ones that are hopefully stocked in your workroom. Otherwise, we recommend adding these to your teacher wishlist (because those apples and stars really are fun). Also, to help you write straight on the whiteboard, try putting your other hand behind your back (trust us!).

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The Sticky Note Whiteboard Is Changing Our Classroom Community Game