Dozens of Professional Sports Teams Bailed This Teacher’s Students Out of Their Final

And we’re here for it.

Sports Teams Cancel Tests

What happens when you’re a tired teacher who just wants to make his students’ Christmas wishes come true (and maybe skip out on some grading at the same time)? Just ask Mr. Chasteen, who posted a video of himself on TikTok with the caption, “I told my students I’ll cancel our last test if a pro sports team comments,” to the soundtrack of “Jingle Bell Rock.”


Will their Christmas wish come true?? #HappyHolidays #fyp

♬ original sound – KEELY GRACE

And boy, did sports teams deliver, posting some seriously hilarious comments that also had us feeling the holiday spirit after another extremely difficult teaching year.

“Roll out the TV cart.”

Roll out the TV cart.

The Detroit Lions came to this class’s rescue with a reference only us old-school teachers will understand. There was nothing like seeing that TV cart brought out on the last day before break, and the Lions want to see the tradition continue in Mr. Chasteen’s class.

“Polar Express Time!!!!”


Polar Express Time!!!!

The Spurs got in on the action too, volunteering a movie suggestion instead of the test Chasteen had planned.

“We’re all in break mindset”

We're all in break mindset

Every teacher can relate to this comment from the Duke Athletics department.

“At this point… just cancel all the tests”

At this point... just cancel all the tests --TikTok comment

A 2021 argument we can get behind.

“Us to the test: See ya!”

Us to the test: See Ya

Thank you, Yankees!

So now we know: telling our students we’ll cancel the test if someone famous comments might just mean having to deliver!

Click here to see the other teams that weighed in (not to mention the other brands and celebrities, too!).

Plus, we loved these students reacting to their teacher making the shot of a lifetime!

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Dozens of Professional Sports Teams Bailed This Teacher's Students Out of Their Final