The Very Best Spider Videos for Kids

Get in on the creepy, crawly goodness!

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I don’t know what it is about spiders, but certain students just love learning about them. Maybe it has to do with getting a rise out of people who are afraid of them, but it’s an interest that’s worth encouraging. Spiders are part of our natural world and they’re fascinating creatures. For those who don’t like them, it’s a good opportunity to learn about how they’re helpful. With this spider video roundup, we’ve got something for everyone—fun facts, intros to different species, and a little “just for fun” content. Check it out!

Mini Beast Adventure With Jess: Spiders

Join zoologist Jess French as she takes a look at some spiders and then accompanies a group of children on a search for webs and eggs.

SciShow Kids: Don’t Be Afraid of Spiders!

SciShow Kids has great content, and this video is no exception. In this episode, they take on learning all about spiders in the interest of overcoming fears.

All Things Animal: Spiders

This quick, educational video from All Things Animal TV is full of interesting spidey facts. It also goes over the difference between insects and arachnids.

19 Fun Facts About Spiders


This is a fun way to learn about spiders for independent readers. Our favorite fact? Spiders have been sent to space. Even in the absence of gravity, they built perfect webs.

Wild Kratts: Secrets of the Spider’s Web

Follow the creature-adventuring Kratt Brothers as they set off on a mission to find and re-create one of the greatest biotech engineering secrets of all time: spider silk.

BBC Earth: Best Spider Moments

The BBC rounded up their favorite arachnid moments, from spiders with superpowers to spiders with 25-meter webs. Check them out!

Crazy Monsters: Spiders

This one is long. It’s a full episode from the Smithsonian Channel featuring spiders that walk on water, cartwheel across deserts, shoot hairs at predators, and deliver venom 15 times deadlier than a rattlesnake’s.

Spider Facts: What Is a Spider?

Want to do spider reports? This video has got you covered with tons of helpful info.

Mr. DeMaio: Spider Facts

With this video, you get a full science lesson on many different types of spiders, including the black widow, Goliath bird eater, brown recluse, and more!

What is the biggest spider in the world?

Mystery Doug introduces his pet spider Goldie and answers a question from a third grader. He is a teacher, and you can totally tell (there’s a built-in turn-and-talk!).

Startoon: Spiders Rule

This one’s actually pretty funny. Francisco the Dog and Kim invite animal expert Amanda to teach them and their viewers all about tarantulas.

Wolf Spiders

Whoa! Get a load of the eyes on these things. Australian wolf spiders live underground and don’t need a web to catch prey.

Amazing Animals: Tarantulas

Nat Geo Kids is always good for high-quality nature content. Learn all kinds of facts about tarantulas, like how their skeletons are on their outside of their bodies!

Weird but True! Spider Mend

In ancient times, doctors used spider webs as bandages. No, really.

Spooky Spider

Music video time! Get ready to boogie with this song from Nat Geo Kids performed by Parry Gripp!

The Very Busy Spider

Gotta have a read-aloud in the mix. Enjoy this classic from Eric Carle. Plus, it’s animated!

The Creepy Crawly Spider

For the pre-K set, we love this spin on the classic children’s song. Perfect for fall!

Lucas the Spider: I’m Starving

OK, this one’s just for fun, but he’s just so CUTE. Get more Lucas the Spider shorts here.

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We rounded up our favorite spider videos for kids, full of all kinds of fun facts for the arachnophile in all of us.