50% Off: All-in-One Online SEL Professional Development Program


This done-for-you, user-friendly, and engaging SEL-focused professional development resource delivers immediate results with on-going group consultation, so educators get the support they need.

Social Success in Schools’ #1 goal is to equip teachers with the resources and mindsets they need to elevate their mission to educate kids in today’s world.

They offer a member-based, online SEL Program that takes educators on a transformative journey to embed SEL right into the natural learning environment.

What’s Included

βœ…   65 video trainings for staff, students, and families
βœ…   Guidebooks (School, Student, Home Editions)
βœ…   SEL Toolkit for teachable moments
βœ…   Cultivate Mindfulness in your classroom
βœ…   Embed Trauma-Informed SEL into your classroom
βœ…   Build Equity and Culturally Responsive SEL Teaching Skills
βœ…   Kid-Friendly Common Language for shaping SEL in the moment
βœ…   Nurture a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment
βœ…   Community CARE during COVID
βœ…   PBIS Strategies
βœ…   Share resources with families and school communities
βœ…   Join their Private Facebook Group to get on-going support
βœ…   Access their Monthly Live Q & A Group Consultation Sessions

Earn up to 6 graduate credits in your space and time!

NOW 50% off only $147 for a 1-year membership.

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