14 Snow Day Memes That Prove Teachers’ Love-Hate Relationship With Winter

Who’s doing the snow dance?

snow day memes

Snow days can be a blessing … and a curse when you realize you’re going to have to make up that day in June. However, a day off that allows you to relax, play in the snow with your kids, binge your favorite Netflix show, or cozy up with a good book is usually welcomed. We all need a day off to rest and turn off those alarms! As winter sets in, scroll through these snow day memes we know you’ll relate to.

Knowing I get to sleep in…

Me when a snow day is announced by dinnertime the night before

Not having to wait until the morning to find out is so amazing.

Should have been a snow day…

Driving to school before the roads are plowed - snow day memes

If I’m scared on the roads, we should all be home.

Let us have our day off, please…

Snow day meme virtual learning

Nobody wants a virtual day; let’s be real.

I am one happy camper…

Snow day, teachers be like

Wait, I get time to myself?


Source: SpanishPlans.org

Will it be a delay or a day off…

The sound of salt trucks, music to teacher's ears - snow day memes

Nothing makes me happier.

Source: @beakersandink

Best feeling ever…

Snow day realizing I don't have to set an alarm

I NEED this extra sleep.

Source: The Educator’s Room

Just looking for some peace and quiet…

Teacher snow day, now I have to watch my own kids

Netflix it is!

Source: @carsearconversations

This is totally me…

'tis the season to check my phone for a snow day - snow day memes

*Checks phone right now*

Source: @vallacy

Waiting for my district to scroll across the screen…

teachers checking the news waiting for snow day - snow day meme

Why do we have to be the last one to announce?

Source: meme generator

By the end of winter, I’m over it…

When you can't take one more second of winter

I’m cold and tired.

Source: Reading & Writing Redhead

Two snow days are better than one…

Happiness is not having to set an alarm - snow day meme

It’s like a weekend in the middle of the week!

Source: @abramacademics

Just going to leave this here…

Snow day to do list

Just one glass.

Source: @facultyroom

Patiently waiting…

Teachers waiting to hear if it's a snow day - snow day meme

Pretty please!

Source: @penleys_pointe

But I don’t want to shovel…

Everyday I'm shoveling - snow day memes

Maybe time to invest in a snowblower.

Source: Winkgo

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14 Snow Day Memes That Prove Teachers' Love-Hate Relationship With Winter