Silent E Words (Free Printables) Plus Ways To Teach Silent E

It’s such a powerful letter.

Collage of Silent E Words Activities

Oh, those pesky Silent E words. They’re one of the first big challenges for emergent readers. Whether you call it Silent E, Magic E, Sneaky E, or Super E, an E at the end of the word changes things in so many ways. It can affect pronunciation as well as meaning and even add another syllable to a word. Mastering words with Silent E takes time and practice, so use our free printables with your students as you try some of the activities below.

Silent E Words (Free Printables) Plus Ways to Teach Silent E

Silent E Word List

These free Silent E Words printables include common three-letter words, four-letter words, and longer words with a Silent E.

Three-Letter Silent E Words

ace, age, ale, ape, ate, bye, cue, die, doe, due, dye, eke, eve, eye, foe, ice, lie, lye, owe, pie, roe, rye, sue, toe, use, woe

Long A Four-Letter Words

babe, bade, bake, bale, bare, cage, cake, came, cane, cape, care, case, cave, dare, date, daze, face, fade, fate, fake, fame, fare, fate, faze, gale, gate, gave, gaze, hare, hate, have, haze, kale, lace, lake, lame, lane, late, made, make, male, mane, mare, mate, maze, name, nape, pace, page, pale, pane, pare, race, rage, rake, rare, rate, rave, raze, safe, sage, sale, same, sane, save, take, tale, tame, tape, vane, vase, wade, wage, wake, wane, ware, wave

Long E Four-Letter Words

cede, here, meme, mere, mete, we’re, we’ve


(Note that there just aren’t very many silent E words with a long E sound.)

Long I Four Letter Words

bike, bile, bite, dice, dime, dine, dire, dive, fife, file, fine, fire, hide, hike, hire, hive, jive, kite, lice, life, like, lime, line, live, mice, mike, mile, mine, mire, nice, nine, pile, pine, rice, ride, ripe, side, site, tide, tile, time, tine, tire, vile, vine, vise, wide, wile, wipe, wire, wise

Long O Four Letter Words

bone, bore, code, coke, cone, cope, core, cove, doze, fore, hole, home, hone, hope, hose, joke, lobe, lode, lone, lore, mode, mole, mope, mote, node, nope, note, poke, pole, pope, pore, robe, rode, role, rope, rose, rove, sole, tore, tote, vote, woke, wore, wove

Long U Four Letter Words

cube, cure, cute, dude, duke, dune, fume, huge, lure, mule, muse, mute, nuke, pure, rude, rule, sure, tube

Longer Silent E Words

adore, blame, blare, brave, bride, calculate, close, clothe, crane, crime, cupcake, dance, drive, evoke, extreme, fable, fleece, fluke, flute, frame, gauge, goose, grace, grate, grave, grove, handle, hence, loose, moose, orate, plane, scene, skate, slate, spite, state, stove, stripe, tadpole, whine, wrote

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Silent E Rules for Pronunciation

Anchor chart with a list of Silent E words

Source: Latoya Burrows on Pinterest

Silent E is known for “making the vowel say its name,” and that’s one of its most important jobs. But that final E has other pronunciation effects on words too. Here are some to teach your students.

1. Silent E makes the vowel before it long

Examples: Think CVCe words like cap vs. cape or mop vs. mope. There are also a handful of 3-letter silent e words where it changes pronunciation, like do vs. doe.

2. It makes C and G soft

Examples: Dance, wage, or stage

3. Silent E makes TH soft

Examples: Bathe, soothe, or lithe

4. When it appears with an L at the end, it adds a syllable to words

Examples: Bundle, simple, or handle

See more ways that Silent E can affect words at All About Learning Press.

Activities and Ideas for Teaching Silent E

These Silent E activities, songs, and videos will help your students master this challenging concept.

Vintage Silent E

Here’s a throwback to share with your kids! Tom Lehrer wrote this one back in the 1970s for The Electric Company, but the message (and the song) are just as relevant today.

Silent E is a Ninja

For a more updated take on Silent E videos, try this clip with Lin-Manuel Miranda, also from The Electric Company. Silent E is definitely sneaky!

The Mighty Silent E Read-aloud

This read-aloud tells the story of Silent E, as he learns just how special he truly is.

The Bossy E

Here’s one more Silent E video, this one starring the Bossy E!

Wave the Magic E wand

Star shaped paper wand with the letter changing words from short vowels to long vowels

Play off the idea of “Magic E” with these fun Silent E wands! Add it to the end of CVC words and watch the magic happen.

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Go on a word hunt

Printable Silent E Word Hunt worksheet

Send kids on a word hunt through a book, magazine, or newspaper to find Silent E words. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the “oddballs” that don’t fit the rules.

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Hang a Sneaky E anchor chart

Anchor chart featuring Sneaky E for teaching Silent E words

A colorful chart like this one will look terrific hanging in your classroom, and it will help students remember how the sneaky Silent E works.

Learn more: Emily Education

Add a sticky note

Magic E anchor chart with sticky notes used to add E to the end of words

This is such a clever anchor chart! Add a sticky note Silent E to each word to see how the sound changes (and sometimes makes a whole new word).

Source: @thekinderheartedclassroom

Make Silent E flip strips

Paper strips with CVCe words, with the end flipped over the add the silent E

These smart strips demonstrate the power of a Magic E. Have kids write their own on paper strips, or buy a set from Tickled Pink in Primary.

Line up and add an E

Students lined up to spell FIN, then with a student added at the end with a sparkly E to spell FINE

Get students up and moving with this fun activity. Make your E sparkly for extra impact!

Grab Our Free Silent “E” Printable!

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Silent E Words (Free Printables) Plus Ways To Teach Silent E