Our Favorite Shark Videos for Kids

This is a “Baby Shark”-free zone.

Great white shark in the ocean

Kids love sharks. It’s just a fact of life. Why not take advantage of that fascination for some awesome animal learning? We rounded up our favorite shark videos for kids for you to share with your students! Check them out:

Wild Kratts Sharks: Predator and Prey

We’re big fans of Wild Kratts for animal content. In this episode, Martin and Chris learn about the many different types of sharks that roam the deep blue sea. Check out this other shark episode with the Kratt Brothers, too!

Cool Facts About Sharks

You can always count on National Geographic Kids for high-quality content. This one is full of fun facts, like how you’re more likely to get injured by a toilet than attacked by a shark.


Live Shark Cam—Monterey Bay Aquarium

Invite your students to sharpen their observation skills with this live feed from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. See if they can spot sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish, and the elusive Pacific angel shark.

Shark Dive: What Sam Sees


Another gem from NatGeo Kids, this video follows scuba diver Sam as she goes below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean to check out one of the world’s biggest and baddest predators. Check her out again as she swims with a small shark!

Sharks for Kids: Great White vs. Hammerhead

This is such a fun way to learn about the difference between these two types of sharks. Hear from the Great White and the Hammerhead themselves in this charming animated video.

Sharks’ Sense of Smell

This video is a great option for some quick facts about sharks, specifically about their powerful senses. Like how they can smell 10,000 times better than humans! It’s part of a playlist with other short videos about everything from why sharks don’t have bones to how scientists study them.

5 Facts About Sharks That Will Make Your JAWS Drop

This high-energy video opens with a fact that will blow your kids’ minds: when a shark swallows something it can’t digest, it vomits its entire stomach out of its mouth and then pulls it back in.

Why Megalodon (Definitely) Went Extinct

Your dinosaur lovers will be fascinated by this video about the largest shark in history—Megalodon, the ocean’s apex predator for more than 10 million years.

Shark Facts

This is a nice little video from DK, featuring all different types of sharks, including whale sharks, thresher sharks, and sand tiger sharks. Which is your favorite?

Super Sharks!

Jessi and Squeaks host SciShow Kids, and in this episode, they take on what makes a shark… a shark!

Investigating the Mysterious Whale Sharks of Mafia Island

Go behind the scenes with researchers as they try to learn why this endangered species doesn’t migrate.

Hammertime: Dive into the World of the Great Hammerhead Shark

This whole channel (Sharks for Kids) is pretty cool. In this video, founder Jillian dives into the world of the Great Hammerhead.

Breaching Basking Sharks

Your kids will want to get a load of these bizarre-looking creatures—the second-largest sharks behind the whale shark.

Shark Hatching from Egg

You’d be hard pressed to find a more captivating 25 seconds of nature video than watching this leopard shark hatching from its egg case.

Check Out The Top 6 Epic Shark Dance Moves

Dancing sharks? You bet! Your kids will love seeing these sharks breach.

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Our Favorite Shark Videos for Kids