2nd Grade

25 Second Grade STEM Challenges To Help Kids Think Creatively

So much fun, they won’t realize they’re learning!

WAT - 25 Second Grade STEM Challenges

We’re a big fan of STEM challenges for kids and the way they give students a chance to grow through hands-on learning. This collection of second grade STEM challenges encourages young learners to problem-solve as they explore more about how the world works.

Plus, these activities are so easy to set up! Post one of these second grade STEM challenges on your whiteboard or projector screen and give kids the simple supplies. Then step back and watch them go!

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25 Second Grade STEM Challenges

  1. Use plastic straws, masking tape, and construction paper to make a raft with a sail.

  2. Build the tallest tower you can with uncooked spaghetti and mini marshmallows.

  3. Stack 5 paper plates and 10 toilet paper tubes to make a structure that can support the most books.

  4. Use newspapers and masking tape to build a table that can hold a cup full of water.

  5. Design a domino chain reaction that climbs up a pile of books.

  6. Build the tallest possible tower using one roll of aluminum foil.

  7. Make a marble track using aluminum foil, plastic straws, and duct tape.

  8. Find a new use for a cardboard box. You can use scissors, masking tape, and crayons too.

  9. Stack 50 plastic cups into the tallest tower you can.

  10. Construct a basket from one paper plate, one sheet of copy paper, and masking tape. It must have a handle and be able to hold 20 jelly beans.

  11. Design and build a bird feeder out of LEGO bricks.

  12. Build a bridge between two desks using only plastic forks.

  13. Use a roll of twine to construct a spiderweb between two chair legs.

  14. Find three ways to pop a balloon without poking it with something sharp.

  15. Use pipe cleaners to design a new kind of cup holder.

  16. Construct the tallest tower you can using clothespins and wood craft sticks.

  17. Build a model of an animal using toothpicks and marshmallows.

  18. Use newspaper and masking tape to make a shirt you can put on and take off again.

  19. Make a new toy from cardboard tubes. You can use other supplies like crayons, glue, scissors, etc.

  20. Design a kite that really flies using a plastic grocery bag, drinking straws, string, and scotch tape.

  21. Build 12 different shapes using pipe cleaners.

  22. Assemble a stack of 10 plastic cups. Then find three different ways to knock the stack down without touching it with any part of your body.

  23. Use one sheet of copy paper to make a container that holds the most popcorn. You can use scissors and tape, too.

  24. Build a pyramid of 10 plastic cups without touching the cups with your hands. You can use 3 rubber bands and 5 one-foot pieces of string.

  25. Work in a group to put together a simple puzzle. All members of your group except one will be blindfolded and not allowed to talk. The person who isn’t blindfolded may speak, but cannot touch the pieces.

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