20 Funny Science T-Shirts for Teachers

Experiment with a new outfit.

Examples of science pun t-shirts

Calling all science teachers! It’s time to experiment with some new science T-shirts for work this year! Whether you teach biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science, there are plenty of funny shirts to show your enthusiasm for the subject. My hypothesis is that at least one of these will make you and your students smile.

(Disclaimer: This article was written by an English teacher, so please forgive all of the science jokes and puns. I cannot help myself.)

Biology Teachers

1. Jokey and informative, an unbeatable combo

Shirt with picture of mitochondria cell working out

This shirt will have your students and colleagues laughing but will also act as a learning tool that your students will definitely visualize on test day.

Buy it: Mightychondria T-Shirt at Amazon

2. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Shirt with a cell taking a photo with word "cellfie"

Selfie may be an antiquated term in students’ lexicon, but their vocabulary is changing so rapidly that even if you think you’ve got it, you’ve made them cringe. Make them cringe harder and secretly smile with this science T-shirt.


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3. A normal teacher, but cooler

Black shirt with words "biology teacher, like a normal teacher, but cooler," as an example of funny science t-shirts

If you like a T-shirt that gets right to the point, order this one!

Buy it: Biology Teachers T-Shirt at Amazon

4. Forget princesses, be a scientist

Shirt that says "Forget Princess, I want to be a scientist"

This shirt is made for science teachers who want to encourage girls to join in on STEM!

Buy it: Be a Scientist Tee at Amazon

5. Cells of the Immune System

Shirt that says "Cells of the Immune system"

This shirt is humorous and instructive, perfect for casual Friday!

Buy it: Immune System T-Shirt at Amazon

Chemistry Teachers

6. Teacher of the best scientists

Black chemistry shirt

This shirt is sweet and fun, a compliment to your own young scientists.

Buy it: Some People Only Dream T-Shirt at Amazon

7. A shirt you can wear periodically

Shirt with periodic table joke

True story: I try to bring the periodic table of elements into conversation with my chemistry colleagues often so that I can feel that I speak their scientific language. If you are also looking for chemistry joke ideas, you can use mine where I respond “Potassium” instead of “K.” Oddly, I get no reaction.

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8. For optimistic chemistry teachers

T-shirt with h20 pun on it

Here’s just one way chemistry can spread positivity! I may be cross-contaminating my science jokes, but you get it.

Buy it: Glass Half Full T-Shirt at Amazon

9. The coolest elements

T-shirt with the words "The coolest element."- science t-shirts

Teachers don’t usually feel like the coolest ever, so give your chemistry teacher friends one of these cool science T-shirts.

Buy it: The Coolest Element T-Shirt at Amazon

10. Don’t lick the spoon

T-shirt with the words "Chemistry is like cooking. Just don't lick the spoon"

I know lab safety is an important part of lab prep, and this T-shirt is a perfect reminder for those days.

Buy it: Don’t Lick the Spoon T-Shirt at Amazon

Earth Science Teachers

11. Geology pun T-shirt

Shirt with fault science pun on it

Tectonic is not a word you find often on science T-shirts, but we’ve found one for you!

Buy it: My Fault T-Shirt at Amazon

12. Make my day

Shirt with science pun on it- science t-shirts

Everyone knows a science teacher who would love this shirt.

Buy it: Earth’s Rotation T-Shirt at Amazon

13. Layers of the Earth

Shirt with text saying "Layers of the Earth"

I had an amazing science teacher who would make up songs for us to learn the earth’s layers. For those science teachers who don’t feel particularly musical, this shirt will do the trick!

Buy it: Earth’s Layers T-Shirt at Amazon

14. For the gneiss teachers

shirt with pun saying "don't take me for granite"

This shirt rocks for geology teachers!

Buy it: Don’t Take Me for Granite Tee at Amazon

15. A shirt that says it all

Shirt that says "It's a good day to teach science"- science t-shirts

This sums it up.

Buy it: A Good Day to Teach Science Tee at Amazon

Physics Teachers

16. They know things that I don’t know

Shirt with physicist definition on it

They are wizards and magicians to me.

Buy it: Physicist Shirt at Amazon

17. You matter

Shirt with "matter" science pun

This is sure to give the physics lovers in your life a smile.

Buy it: You Energy Physics Tee at Amazon

18. I have potential

Shirt with ball and words "I have potential"

Finally, I understand this shirt. I think this may be the last part of physics I fully grasped.

Buy it: I Have Potential Tee at Amazon

19. Flex on ’em

Shirt with complicated science and the words "What exactly didn't you understand?"- science t-shirts

You teach physics. You definitely can flex your knowledge with this shirt.

Buy it: What Exactly Didn’t You Understand? T-Shirt at Amazon

20. Everything happens for a reason

Shirt that says "Everything happens for a reason... and it's called physics"

If this were English class, I’d push my students further to determine what that reason is, and I’ll bet that happens in physics too. This shirt is almost cross-curricular!

Buy it: Everything Happens for a Reason Tee at Amazon

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20 Funny Science T-Shirts for Teachers