In This Free Science Video and Lesson Plan, Students Discover How Sound Waves Work

How can sound make glitter dance?

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image of wall of retro vintage style Music sound speakers science phenomena lessons

Phenomena in the world ignite everyone’s curiosity. Discovery Education’s new middle school Science Techbook has phenomena-based lesson plans and videos that explain natural phenomena in ways that get kids asking questions and digging deeper.

The folks at Discovery Education have shared both a phenomena-based lesson plan and the video that introduces it. You can have them for free just by filling out the form on this page.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • How does a speaker work? Lesson Plan with tips and tricks for teaching this cool lesson that helps kids ask good questions, investigate their thinking, and dig deeper into understanding.
  • Speaker Vibrations video to show kids how it really looks and works.
  • Graphic organizer to help kids organize their thinking.
  • Assessment questions to check for understanding.

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