Best Chemistry Lab Equipment and Supplies, Chosen by Teachers

Everything you need for hands-on chemistry learning!

Collage of chemistry lab equipment for classrooms, including an eyewash station and beakers and flasks

Setting up a chemistry lab for students requires a lot of equipment and supplies. Start with the basics, like the chemistry lab equipment listed here. Over time, you’ll definitely accumulate more specialized supplies, but this list will help get you started.

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Safety Equipment

Safety first! Here’s some of the chemistry lab equipment you’ll need to keep your students safe while they learn.


Clear plastic safety goggles with a black elastic strap as an example of chemistry lab equipment
Fisher Scientific

Eye protection is absolutely vital when you’re working with chemicals. These goggles are basic and affordable, and they’re the right size for teens. (If you need child-sized goggles, check out this option from Amazon.)

Buy it: Pyramex G205 Series Chemical Splash Goggles at Fisher Scientific

Eyewash Station

Adapter attached to a gooseneck faucet to turn it into a lab eyewash station

This clever faucet mount turns your lab sink into an instant eyewash station in case of emergency. It’s easy to install and to use.

Buy it: Eyewash Faucet Mount for Standard Faucet at Carolina

Fire Blanket

Red Box labeled "Fire Blanket"
Flinn Scientific

Most classrooms are already equipped with a fire extinguisher, but it’s also smart to keep a fire blanket on hand. Mount it to the wall in an easily accessible location, so all students know where to find it.

Buy it: Fire Blanket and Case at Flinn Scientific

Disposable Gloves

Black nitrile glove next to a box of more gloves as an example of chemistry lab equipment

You can buy disposable gloves in a variety of places, but you’ll want to make sure they’re both latex-free and chemical-resistant. Consider keeping several sizes on hand to ensure a good fit for all students.

Buy it: Black Nitrile Gloves, 100 ct. at Amazon

Disposable Masks

Box of disposable N95 safety masks by 3M

When you’re buying masks, be sure to check that they’re NIOSH-approved. These from 3M are effective and surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Buy it: 3M 9205+ Aura Particulate N95 Respirators, 20 Pack at Amazon

General Lab Tools

Use these tools for experiments, demos, and more hands-on learning experiences.

Bunsen Burner

Unlit Bunsen burner for chemistry labs as an example of chemistry lab equipment
Flinn Scientific

These burners are inexpensive enough that you can equip multiple stations around your classroom. There are options for bottled propane or natural gas connections too.

Buy it: Bunsen Burners at Flinn Scientific

Alcohol Burner

Glass alcohol burner with metal cap
Flinn Scientific

Use alcohol burners when conventional burners won’t fit or aren’t available. This one’s angled sides allow it to rest in a variety of positions.

Buy it: Glass Alcohol Burner at Flinn Scientific


Compound microscope with accessories

When it comes to lab equipment, microscopes are a must. This economical model from Celestron boasts great optics at an affordable price.

Buy it: Celestron Monocular Head Compound Microscope 40-800x Magnification at Amazon

Slide Prep Set

Small digital thermometer with metal probe and plastic case as an example of chemistry lab equipment

Use these kits to prepare samples for viewing under the microscope lens. They’re available with both glass and plastic slides.

Buy it: Slide Prep Sets at Flinn Scientific


Small digital thermometer with metal probe and plastic case

Get the most accurate (and easy) readings with digital thermometers. This pocket-size version has its own case to protect the probe.

Buy it: Digital Pocket Thermometer at Carolina

Glassware/Plasticware and Tools

This is where chemistry labs really shine—beakers, flasks, test tubes, and more! Tip: In many cases, plastic options are just fine and will prevent a lot of breakage accidents. Just keep some glass containers on hand for the times when plastic won’t work.

Deluxe Labware Set

Deluxe set of chemistry glassware and lab tools, including beakers, flasks, test tubes, and more
Home Science Tools

If you just need enough equipment to do classroom demos, this all-in-one kit is fantastic. It’s got everything you need for basic experiments, for a very reasonable price.

Buy it: Deluxe Chemistry Glassware & Labware Set at Home Science Tools

Beaker Starter Set (Polypropylene)

Set of polypropylene beakers in different sizes as an example of chemistry lab equipment

Stock up on measuring beakers, because you’ll need them for pretty much any experiment. These Griffin-style beakers can be nested for easy storage.

Buy it: Polypropylene Plastic Beaker Starter Pack at Carolina

Borosilicate Glass Beakers

Five glass beakers filled with various colored liquids
Flinn Scientific

If you’re looking for traditional glass beakers, these are well priced, strong, and heat-resistant. Available in 10 sizes.

Buy it: Borosilicate Glass Beakers at Flinn Scientific

Polymethylpentene Erlenmeyer Flasks

Plastic Erlenmeyer flask with a screw cap

These plastic flat-bottom flasks are ideal for students and classrooms. They’re available in 250 and 500 mL sizes.

Buy it: Polymethylpentene Erlenmeyer Flasks at Carolina

Economy Choice Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flasks

Three glass Erlenmeyer flasks in different sizes with various colored liquids in them as an example of chemistry lab equipment
Flinn Scientific

These glass Erlenmeyer flasks are still strong and reliable, but the rim isn’t as heavily tooled. This means you can get them for less!

Buy it: Economy Choice Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flasks at Flinn Scientific

Boiling Flasks

Flat bottom boiling flasks in three sizes with various colored liquids
Flinn Scientific

Boiling flasks come in both flat-bottom and round-bottom styles. For round-bottom flasks, you’ll also need extension clamps or crucible tongs.

Buy it: Round-Bottom Boiling Flasks and Flat-Bottom Boiling Flasks at Flinn Scientific

Test Tubes

Five test tubes in various sizes with blue labels
Flinn Scientific

Test tubes are one of those chemistry lab equipment items you’ll need to buy in bulk, whether in glass or plastic. Don’t forget to stock up on stoppers as well; this bulk set from Carolina offers both solid and holed stoppers.

Buy it: Polypropylene Test Tubes or Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes at Flinn Scientific

Graduated Cylinders

Set of 7 graduated cylinders made of plastic as an example of chemistry lab equipment

Use these containers for taking exact liquid measurements. They come in a variety of sizes in plastic, PMP, or glass.

Buy it: Graduated Cylinder Set in Plastic at Carolina / Graduated Cylinders in Glass or PMP at Flinn Scientific


Four glass funnels of various sizes

You’ll need funnels to safely add materials to flasks and test tubes. Plastic funnels like these from Carolina will serve most purposes, but you may want a set of glass ones as well.

Buy it: 4-Piece Glass Funnel Set at Amazon

Droppers and Pipettes

Glass droppers with rubber bulbs

Use these to transfer small amounts of liquids and measure more precisely. Glass pipettes can be cleaned and reused, while inexpensive plastic ones are disposable.

Buy it: 20-Pack Glass Droppers or 150-Piece Plastic Transfer Pipettes at Amazon

Support Stand Set

Two support stands for chemistry lab equipment with rings and clamps as an example of chemistry lab equipment

Use these sets to hold labware in place while performing experiments. Each stand comes with several adjustable clamps and supports.

Buy it: Chemistry Laboratory Stands Support Set at Amazon

Deluxe Lab Toolkit

A set of chemistry lab equipment tools, including test tube rack, crucible tongs, scoop, tweezers, and more

Get a little bit of everything in this set: six-hole test tube rack, test tube brush, test tube clamp, crucible tongs, lab scoop, spatula, and forceps.

Buy it: Deluxe Lab Toolkit at Carolina

Watch Glass

Watch glass used as part of chemistry lab equipment

Use these as beaker covers or to heat small quantities of various substances. This economy pack is a terrific bargain.

Buy it: Pack of 12 Economy Watch Glasses at Carolina

Distillation Set

Glass distillation set, a part of chemistry lab equipment supplies
Flinn Scientific

This kit is easy-to-assemble and perfect for any experiment requiring distillation. This one is glass, so handle with care.

Buy it: Organic Distillation Set at Flinn Scientific

Vacuum Filtration Set

Set of aspirator lab equipment, made of glass and plastic
Flinn Scientific

Here’s another set made from glass, used for vacuum filtration, which is faster than gravity filtration.

Buy it: Vacuum Filtration Set at Flinn Scientific

Chemicals and Compounds

Chemistry experiments require a variety of substances. Some of these are easy to find, but others require special shipping procedures and careful handling. These suppliers can help meet your needs when it comes to chemicals, compounds, and other materials.

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