24 Science Kits for Middle and High School That Make Hands-On Lessons Easy

Hands-on science without all the prep work? Yes, please!

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Ward's Science hands-on kits for middle and high school

Students often tell us the coolest thing about science class is doing hands-on activities. But it’s often time-consuming to gather and organize all the materials. Our favorite solution? These awesome, hands-on science kits! Each of these kits already has all the materials for each activity preselected and sorted. Plus, you’ll find teacher guides and student worksheets so there’s little to no prep work! They’re perfect for teaching chemistry, biology, geology, physical science, and STEM/engineering. Plus, check out common curriculum kits that’ll seamlessly fit into your classroom learning.

Here are the hands-on science kits at the top of our wish list.

Biology Kits

These hands-on science kits include everything you need to conduct biology experiments. Each kit is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and contains a detailed instruction manual.

1. Osmosis and Diffusion Lab Activity

Materials included in Ward's Science Osmosis and Diffusion Lab Activity

How do molecules move in and out of a cell? This is precisely the question students will explore with this activity. Using models to simulate the movement of water and nutrients across a cell membrane, students will learn about osmosis, diffusion, and the function of these processes in maintaining homeostasis in the cell.

2. Ward’s® Engage Macronutrients in Food, IBL Case

Materials included in Ward's Science Macronutrients in Food activity

In this activity, students enter the world of laboratory testing to determine the macronutrient composition of unknown solutions. Along the way, they will learn the importance of diagnosing health issues using similar chemical testing of urine and other samples, and the importance of nutrition on health.

3. Ward’s® Engage Animal Behavior, IBL Case

Materials included in Ward's Science Animal Behavior activity

In this inquiry-based learning case, students play the role of architects tasked with designing a brand-new school. Key to its design is managing the traffic flow of 2,000 students efficiently. In the process of seeking the optimal design, students will observe animal behavior to understand how various factors can affect animal behavior.

4. Ward’s® Pure Preserved™ Grassfrog Dissection Kit

Materials included in Ward's Science Grassfrog Dissection kit

For many biology students, the fascination of dissecting frogs is squelched by the overwhelming smell of preservatives. These pure preserved specimens eliminate that distraction and allow students to focus on the learning.


Integrating natural sciences and engineering sciences, these biotechnology kits allow students to take a closer look at proteins and the role they have in human development.

5. Ward’s® From DNA to a Protein Manipulatives 

Materials included in Ward's Science DNA to Protein activity

Using 10 sets of detailed laminated manipulatives, students transform segments of DNA through the processes of transcription and translation to synthesize a protein. In addition, they will also discover what happens if there is a mutation in the DNA and how this can alter the protein that is produced.

6. Ward’s® Screening Hemoglobin for Sickle Cell Lab Activity

A sample of a purple tracking sheet from Ward's Science hemoglobin screening for Sickle-Cell lab activity

Sickle-cell disease is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders that affect hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen through the body. Using an agarose electrophoresis chamber students will learn how to determine the presence of the sickle cell anemia trait by separating simulated hemoglobin protein samples.

Earth Science Kits

Everything you need to make hands-on earth science easy!

7. Ward’s® From Lines to Landforms Lab Activity

Examples of Ward's Science Lines to Landforms Lab Activity

Envisioning a landscape’s contours is hard to do using a two-dimensional map. For this activity, students will use a topographical map as a guide to cut layers of foam to represent each contour on the map. Then, they will layer them together to create a three-dimensional model.

8. Ward’s® Engage Under Pressure, IBL Case

Materials included in Ward's Science Under Pressure lab activity

One of the essential safety precautions mountain climbers need to take into account is keeping an eye on the weather. For this activity, students will learn to build a simple device to help them predict the weather using balloons and straws. Along the way, they will learn about the effects of pressure changes on the human body.

9. Ward’s® Groundwater Pollution and Spill Assessment Lab Activity

Materials included in Ward's Science groundwater pollution activity

Safe drinking water is a hot topic in many communities. In this guided inquiry, students will design a water filtration system to model one step of the modern purification process.

Chemistry Kits

These hands-on science kits include everything you need to conduct fun chemistry experiments. Each kit is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. They also contain a detailed instruction manual.

10. Exploring the Solubility Rules: A Guided Inquiry

Materials included in Ward's Science Solubility Rules activity

Learning the basic rules of solubility is an old chemistry classic. But with this guided inquiry, students will not only learn the basics, they’ll be challenged to identify patterns within the experiment and then apply that knowledge in a practical manner.

11. Ward’s® Engage Mystery Powder, IBL Case

Materials included in Ward's Science Mystery Powder lab activity

This exploration posits a real-world scenario: You wake up one morning and it appears that your cat has ingested a white powdery substance. How do you determine whether the powder is poisonous or not? Using the scientific method, students will decipher whether or not it is time to call the vet.

12. Ward’s® Essentials Chemiluminescence Lab Kit

Materials included in Ward's Science Chemiluminescence lab activity

Chemiluminescence is the emission of light as the result of a chemical reaction. In this experiment, students will create a “cool light” through the process of mixing the right substances.


The field of physics casts a broad net! It involves the study of everything in physical existence, from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire universe.

13. Mass, Velocity, and Kinetic Energy Lab Activity

Materials included in Ward's Science Mass Velocity and Kinetic Energy lab activity

With this lab activity, students will use a simple launching device to explore the relationship between mass, velocity, and kinetic energy. This kit has been aligned with all published National Standards.

14. Ward’s® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity 

A model pendulum used in Ward's Science Pendulum lab activity

Students will attach a variety of materials to specially designed wooden pendulum bases to explore a multitude of physics concepts. In addition to hands-on exploration, students will practice making predictions and testing hypotheses.

15. Ward’s® Engage Air-Propelled Rovers, IBL Case

Materials used to build air propelled rovers

Assuming the role of mechanical engineers, students will be tasked with advising an international council developing vehicles for exoplanet exploration. Students will work in teams through three different scenarios designed to understand all aspects of air-propelled rovers and powered vehicles in general.

STEM and Engineering Kits

Tap into your students’ curiosity and build STEM skills with these exciting construction kits. It’s all about hands-on learning with these fun options.

16. K8 Robotics Kit

A purple plastic rolling robot with yellow wheels

Meet k8, your students’ introduction into the wonderful world of robotics. Ward’s step-by-step tutorials will guide students to assemble k8 from scratch in less than 30 minutes. Then, they will learn to code k8’s micro:bit power source, working their way up from block coding to JavaScript. Best of all, k8 will provide your students with endless hours of discovery and exploration.

17. Cubelets® Clever Constructors Pack

Building blocks used in Ward's Science Clever Constructors activity

Cubelets® are the building blocks of robotics for students of all ages. Fascinating and fun, they will nurture your students’ imagination, creativity, and inventive spirit.

18. Ward’s® Engage Pill Design, IBL Case

Materials used in Ward's Science Pill Design lab activity

Students will engage in an engineering process designed to make an easier-to-swallow pill coating to alleviate patients’ stomach pains. In addition to the materials provided, suggested supplements include colorless diet soda, small coated candies like M&Ms and Skittles. Sounds yummy!

Common Curriculum Hands-On Science Kits

Check out even more kits that can seamlessly fit into your curriculum or help you get started with a new type of science learning!

19. Open SciEd

A collection of 18 full science kits and 18 refill kits that pair perfectly with OpenSciEd’s free, downloadable curriculum. Carefully selected by professional teachers and evaluated and certified by OpenSciEd themselves, each premium kit is easy to use, with dependable results—at a competitive price.

20. Inquiry-Based Learning Kits

Ward’s Science’s Engage Kits are built around inquiry-based learning methodology. Guide your students through questions, research methods, and data interpretation as they explore and uncover exciting solutions to real-life problems! Take a deep dive across many science concepts, from population ecology and animal behavior to disease transmission and more.

21. Science Olympiad

Ward’s Science Olympiad Kits are the only officially licensed kits aligned to Science Olympiad events. And these kits not only give your Olympiad students a head start, they are excellent for in-class, co-curricular instructional use as well.

22. Project Lead the Way

Ward’s Science is proud to team up with PLTW to provide materials that help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s STEM careers like computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, with project-based learning and real-world applications.

23. NYS Investigations Kits

Ward’s Science has created 30 engaging science kits specifically aligned to New York State’s unique science requirements.

24. AP Physics

Finding quality materials for AP Physics students can be challenging at times. Check out Ward’s Science carefully curated collection of AP Physics labs addressing topics such as Static Equilibrium, Fluid Dynamics, Conservation of Energy, and more.

Looking for more science resources?

Ward’s Science has kits for every science subject, so you’re sure to find one that fits your curriculum. Plus, find ready-to-go science activities and lessons created by teachers just like you! The Science by You program has tons of options in a variety of science subjects.