8 Field Trip and School Permission Forms to Make Your Life Easier

Because who has time to reinvent the wheel?

School Permission Forms Templates

While some schools may be lucky enough to have transitioned to electronic permission slips, many are still relying on the same photocopies that they’ve had for years. Thankfully, we’ve got some spiffy new school permission forms templates to help you retire your old forms without too much heavy lifting.

1. Class Party or Project

When you’re planning a class party or project, this template is a great start. You can use it as is to address any concerns about allergies or adjust it to collect other information, like supply donations or even available volunteers.

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2. School Dances

There comes a time in each student’s life when they’re presented with the opportunity to get down and funky with a group of their peers. At that time, it falls on many an adult to help students manage responsibilities and expectations. This permission slip helps do just that with student, guest, and guardian signatures, and much more.

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3. Movies and Other Media


With all of the digital learning resources available nowadays, you may think permission slips for these tools are no longer necessary. As mindful as you may be in making your selections, you still might want to solicit specific approval for certain content. This quick and easy form is the way to do it.

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4. Sex Ed

Speaking of potentially sensitive content, sex ed likely requires permission, no matter what it’s called, what grade it’s for, or what class it’ll be in. In addition to documenting approval, this form provides information parents and guardians are sure to find useful before their student participates in any discussions.

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5. Extracurricular Transportation

Kids today have an amazing number of options available when it comes to extracurricular activities—and just as many when it comes to getting to and from them. Coaches, leaders, and other staff will love having this form at the ready to get transportation permissions on file in record time.

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6. Field Trip Lite

This is a great field trip permission slip without all the fuss. Just enter the facts and send it on its way.

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7. Field Trip Plus

For those who sleep a little more easily at night when they have a bit of legalese covering their backsides, the additions in this two-pager may be the better choice. Plus, the added room in the layout gives you plenty of space to load up on trip details, if that’s more your style.

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8. Overnight Field Trip

Fair warning: This one has a lot of fine print! But what else would you expect to counter the increasing liability that comes with an overnight field trip?

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What school permission forms templates should we add to this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll create more templates!

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