We’ve Never Seen A School Rock Halloween Like This

A faculty that plays together stays together!

Positive school climate

Now here’s an administrator that knows how to get his staff excited for Halloween! We love this Facebook post from one of our favorite principals, Gerry Brooks, about his school’s Spirit Week costume contest! So easy to do—a little friendly competition tapping into the staff’s creativity. His comment says it all: “Such a great example of positive school climate and culture-everyone participating. I ❤️ my job! Love it.”

1. Kindergarten “Months of the Year”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

Adorable! These teachers know how to celebrate a year.

2. First grade “Elves on the Shelf”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

So many elves! Those first graders aren’t going to get away with anything!

3. Second grade “Rydell High Pink Ladies (and Danny Zuko)”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

Have you ever seen a cooler team?

4. Third grade “Reading Curriculum Characters”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

Talk about making books come alive for your students.

5. Fourth grade “Magic School Bus”


Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

“Seat belts, everyone!”

6. Fifth grade “Kentucky Teachers”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

This one must be an inside joke- but we especially love the knee-hi pantyhose.

7. SPED team “Superheroes”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

Special Ed teachers ARE superheroes in our book!

8. Special Area Team “The Addams Family”

Teachers Halloween Dress-Up

Now that’s spooky!

What do you do around Halloween to amp up school spirit in your building?