Why Schools Are Turning to Online Help for Health Care

Because it takes a village to care for our kids.

Cute child talking with doctor on video call. There is good news from doctor. Family is happy.
Cute child talking with doctor on video call. There is good news from doctor. Family is happy.

Nothing makes teachers and school leaders happier than seeing healthy kids playing outside during recess, laughing and enjoying lunch together, and participating in class. When our schools are places that keep students healthy and safe, learning thrives. This is why it’s helpful to have systems in place at school so all of our kids get the care and attention they need. As we navigate COVID-19 and the cold and flu season, many of us are evaluating our schools’ health systems. Do we have the staff and resources we need to serve our kids? Because so many of our students are learning at home online, we are also wondering: How we can provide remote health care with remote education?

These are big and important questions. It takes a team to tackle these issues, and schools that have full-time nurses are fortunate, but unfortunately, they are not the norm. According to the National Association of School Nurses, only 25% of schools have a full-time nurse on staff. The numbers for part-time nurses aren’t much better at 35%. If your school is fortunate enough to have a full-time nurse, they likely have their hands full and could use extra help.

Let’s not take on more than we have to.

This is why we love Hazel Health. Hazel partners with schools so students can get on-demand visits to see a licensed health-care provider at school or at home. Within minutes of requesting a medical professional, a student is seen through a virtual visit. There are no limits to the number of virtual visits a student can have, and if schools don’t have a nurse, Hazel will train teachers and staff to facilitate the process.

Hazel also works with schools that have nurses on staff to provide additional support and care for students. This could be a real solution for the school nurse shortage, and it’s a way for schools to provide remote health care during remote learning. Having an MD who is on-demand and readily available through telemedicine to partner with your school nurses means more kids will get the care they need. Hazel Health can help with everything from lice-treatment recommendations to COVID-19 screenings to colds and coughs and fevers. Here are some of the other benefits: 

No lines, no waiting, and immediate care.

Telemedicine has made health care easier and faster. In rural areas, a trip to the doctor can take several hours, and appointments are hard to come by. A parent shares, “Hazel is a vital part of our community and our school. Without it, there is no health care close by. With no vehicle our only option is to get on a bus for two hours to get to an appointment it took two months to get.”

Social workers and school nurses have backup support.

School social workers and teachers often feel they need to do more for their kids, but they have limited resources. Many of them are servicing multiple schools within a district. Hazel Health has given them an extra line of defense so that kids get what they need—from hearing and eye exams to lice treatments. A school nurse shares that Hazel Health has helped her do her job better because they call parents and deliver discharge notes after every visit. She’s caring for students at three different schools, and the district’s partnership with Hazel makes it possible for her to manage her caseload.

Students miss less school and learn more.


It’s no surprise that when students don’t feel well, they miss more school. The more school they miss, the more they fall behind. Even if students leave school briefly for an appointment, they still miss class and have to factor in the amount of time it will take to travel there and back. Because students can go to virtual appointments right at school with Hazel Health, they can quickly return to class, which means they learn more.

Getting started is easy.

Hazel partners with school districts to provide in-school and in-home virtual medical appointments. They provide you with everything that you need—from technology to medical equipment. Next, teachers and staff members learn how to set up students’ appointments. Hazel will also work with families to teach them about the program.

As a school-based telehealth company, Hazel’s work is having a big impact on kids. When kids are healthy, they are ready for learning.

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Why Schools Are Turning to Online Help for Health Care