26 Relaxing Music Videos for Calming Down Your Classroom

Classical music or nature sounds, we love them all!

Playing some relaxing music during learning breaks can help settle everyone’s minds and refuel our reserves so we can tackle the rest of the day. Regardless of whether you and your students prefer nature sounds, guitar strumming, or piano music, there is truly something for everyone out there. Oftentimes, relaxing music for kids to play in the classroom is accompanied by a video with peaceful imagery. Soothing sights and music can help settle big emotions following a particularly stressful event like standardized testing. Music in the classroom has so many benefits including (but not limited to) improving mood, assisting in cognitive development, and enhancing creativity. Check out our favorite selections of relaxing music for the classroom!

1. Happy Background Music for Children

These peaceful tunes will certainly give growing minds a well-deserved break. 

2. Happy Relaxing Music for Children

This light instrumental hang-drum song is perfect after a stressful morning. 

3. Relaxing Guitar Music

While school can sometimes be stressful for students (and teachers!), the strumming of this guitar will chase your worries away!

4. Instrumental Background Music for the Classroom

This instrumental selection should be featured on any list of relaxing music for kids to play in the classroom.

5. Relaxing Music for Stress Relief


The underwater sounds will wash your cares away so you can think more clearly!

6. Calming Music for Children in the Classroom

Regardless of whether students are writing, studying, reading, or doing homework, this video will help create a positive learning environment.

7. Fine Art Music and Paintings

Listen to the music of Debussy and more while watching a slide show of beautiful paintings. 

8. Relaxing Music With Ocean Waves 

The calming and rhythmic sounds of the ocean can feel so soothing to busy minds. 

9. Happy Relaxing Guitar Music for Children

The sweet plucking in this video feels so positive and refreshing. 

10. Relaxing Nature Sounds

Practice some meditation in your classroom while you mellow out to the sounds of birds chirping and water flowing. 

11. Minecraft Soundtrack

Regardless of whether or not you love Minecraft, this instrumental soundtrack is great for a break between lessons. 

12. Instrumental Music for Relaxation

What’s better than a relaxing video that includes piano music? One that also features soothing guitar strumming! 

13. Morning Relaxing Music for Children


When the mid-morning doldrums appear, try this choice for relaxing music for the classroom. 

14. Positive Background Music for Kids

This video is so uplifting and sweet and perfect for a well-earned break or even for study time. 

15. Classical Music for Kids in the Classroom

This video exposes students to classical music. It features a violin performance of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 4 in F minor.”

16. 3-Minute Timer With Music for Kids

This plucky video can help with time management since it features a 3-minute timer. You can also try this one for classical music. Also check out the 1-minute, 5-minute, and 20-minute timers!

17. Relaxing Music for Children With Animals

Perfect for promoting calm and mindfulness and also an appreciation for nature and the world around us.

18. Disney Piano Selection

Disney movies have arguably the best soundtracks out there, so why not play this collection of relaxing instrumental songs in your classroom?

19. Coffee Shop Ambience


The calming jazz music in this video is perfect for the start of school since it will call to mind the crisp fall air and changing leaves.

20. Ambient Music for Studying

The tranquil music in this video will help students focus while reading a favorite book or studying for a big exam.

21. Comptine d’un autre été

This beautiful song from the movie Amelie would calm anyone, but if you teach French, you have even more reason to play it!

22. Quiet Music Plus Baby Animals

This video proves that relaxing music for the classroom can be equally adorable and soothing!

23. Krishna Flute Music

This flute music will have your students in a Zen state in no time!

24. Soothing Drum Music

While drums are often thought of as being noisy, this video proves that they can be calming as well.

25. Rain Sounds and Relaxing Music

Do you and your students find the sound of rain relaxing, but the skies are clear? This video provides the perfect soothing backdrop to any classroom.

26. Sensory Experience

What’s better than a calm-down corner? A calm-down corner that features this video of lanterns floating while calming music plays!

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