27 Totally Relatable Teacher Problems


relatable teacher problems

Teaching is one of those professions that you just can’t really understand until you’re in the trenches. But
there are definitely some universally relatable teacher problems that anyone who’s been in the profession for more than
five minutes can recognize. We scoured Instagram to bring you 27 #TeacherProblems from real teachers that will have you
commenting #same.

1. Pint-size pranksters with big jokes.

2. Darn it! You were just trying to look cute!

3. Testing season decor (or lack thereof).

4. When potty breaks require a flow chart.

5. Let’s call it the fear of the unknown.

6. The logistics test before the testing.

7. When you forget to rinse out the paint cups on Friday.

8. When you’ve reached your creative limits.

9. What IS it with kids and tiny pencils?!?

10. Perhaps dealing with a slight marker addiction.

11. When your pet wants to “help” you grade.

12. The endless pit of a student’s pockets.

13. Who needs TV with all this drama?

14. Curse you, school thermostat!

15. When they’re not really wrong.

16. When the revisions are too real.

17. More baby teeth than the tooth fairy.

18. Cramming everything into a 30-minute “lunch” break.

19. Bringing that one thing to school that isn’t child-proof.

20. Steering clear of staff lounge temptations.

21. Strange things lurking at the bottom of your teacher bag.

22. The Never. Ending. Stacks.

23. When people suspect ulterior motives for a new hairdo.

24. Fickle relationships.

25. You try to teach middle school with this injury.

26. Dealing with the brutal honesty of children.

27. Proudly flying your freak flag.