30 Must-Have Reading Shirts for Teachers Who Love Books

We like big books and we cannot lie.

Collage of Reading Shirts for Teachers

March is National Reading Month, but most teachers don’t need an excuse to wear their favorite reading shirts! Just in case you need a new one (or five), we found all these great options on Amazon. Most are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, so there are terrific choices’ here for every book fan.

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1. Learn to Read, Read to Learn

Lime green t-shirt with child sitting on stack of books, text reads Learn to Read, Read to Learn (Reading Shirts)

There’s no doubt about it—reading opens up new worlds, just like this shirt says.

Buy it: Learn to Read, Read to Learn Shirt

2. A Day Without Reading

Dark red t-shirt with book and butterflies, text reads A Day Without Reading Is Like... Just Kidding I Have No Idea

If you grab a book every time you have a few spare minutes, this shirt will speak to you.


Buy it: A Day Without Reading Shirt

3. Read Diverse Books

Black t-shirt with message Read Diverse Books (Reading Shirts)

Encourage your students to try new authors and new genres with this shirt that embraces diversity in literature.

Buy it: Read Diverse Books Shirt

4. Reading Is A Ticket To Adventure

Navy blue t-shirt with message Reading is a Ticket to Adventure

The first page of every book starts a new adventure, carrying you off to explore something new.

Buy it: Reading Is A Ticket To Adventure Shirt


5. Made You Read

Heathered gray t-shirt with text Ha Ha! Made You Read (Reading Shirts)

Give your students a giggle with this shirt, which proves that we use our reading skills every single day.

Buy it: Made You Read Shirt

6. Let’s Taco ‘Bout Books

Gray t-shirt with a picture of a taco saying Let's Taco 'Bout Books

What’s better than Taco Tuesday? Taco Tuesday with a good book!

Buy it: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Books Shirt

7. Book Dragon

Green t-shirt with a dragon reading a book; text reads Bookworm? Please, I'm a Book Dragon (Reading Shirts)

Some people read books; others inhale them. If you’re one of the latter, you need this reading shirt.

Buy it: Book Dragon Shirt

8. Dare to Read Banned Books

Yellow t-shirt with collage of book covers and text saying Dare to Read Banned Books

Your students might be surprised to see some of the titles that have been banned in schools. This shirt will inspire them to find out more.

Buy it: Dare to Read Banned Books Shirt

9. Retro Reading Rainbow

T-shirt with open book in front of a rainbow, and text Take a look, It's in a book (Reading Books)

For teachers of a certain age, Reading Rainbow is one of their favorite blasts from the past—just like this shirt.

Buy it: Retro Reading Rainbow Shirt

10. My Patronus Is A Bookworm

Purple t-shirt with a worm holding a book saying My Patronus is a Bookworm (Reading Shirts)

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you!

Buy it: My Patronus Is A Bookworm Shirt

11. Curious George

Blue t-shirt with Curious George saying I go bananas for books

Quit monkeying around and buy this adorable shirt already!

Buy it: Curious George Bananas Shirt

12. Classic Female Authors

Gray t-shirt with yellow lettering reading Shelley, Austen, Christie, Alcott, Bronte, Woolf (Reading Shirts)

Emma and Jane Eyre and the March girls, oh my! This isn’t a complete list of great female authors, but it’s a good start.

Buy it: Classic Female Authors Shirt

13. Out of Print

Collage of t-shirts with famous book covers (Reading Shirts)

Every book lover needs to know about Out of Print’s huge selection of awesome reading shirts. Find all your favorite book covers, plus clever slogans and fun images.

Buy it: Out of Print Shirts

14. Reading Gives Us Someplace To Go

Blue t-shirt reading Reading Gives Us Someplace To To When We Have To Stay Where We Are (Reading Shirts)

This is the perfect reading shirt for pandemic quarantine life, don’t you think?

Buy it: Reading Gives Us Someplace To Go Shirt

15. Will Power

Black t-shirt with picture of William Shakespeare and text Will Power

The bard, the myth, the legend… Shakespeare is definitely the man.

Buy it: Will Power Shirt

16. Abibliophobia

Green t-shirt saying Abibliophobia: The fear of running out of books to read

The very idea is enough to send shivers up your spine, isn’t it?

Buy it: Abibliophobia Shirt

17. Take Me To Your Readers

Royal blue t-shirts with UFO saying Take Me To Your Readers (Reading Shirts)

When extra terrestrials land here, they’re definitely going to want to meet our best readers.

Buy it: Take Me To Your Readers Shirt

18. I Read Past My Bedtime

Brown t-shirt with stack of books and text saying I read past my bedtime

Flashlight for reading under the covers not included…

Buy it: I Read Past My Bedtime Shirt

19. Book Lover

Orange t-shirt with heart made of book illustrations (Reading Shirts)

A heart made of books—that pretty much says it all, we think.

Buy it: Book Lover Shirt

20. Reading Is My Jam

Red t-shirt with pictures of peanut butter and jelly saying Reading Is My Jam

The very best reading shirts include clever puns because reading is lit.

Buy it: Reading Is My Jam Shirt

21. Out Of This World

Black t-shirt with picture of astronaut sitting on a crescent moon with a book, text reads A good book is out of this world (Reading Shirts)

This is one of our favorites for sci-fi fans, but it really works for any member of the literati.

Buy it: Out Of This World Shirt

22. The Power of a Girl

Blue t-shirt with picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg saying Never Underestimate The Power of a Girl With a Book

Justice Ginsburg may be gone, but she most certainly is not forgotten.

Buy it: The Power of a Girl Shirt

23. My Weekend Is All Booked

Pink t-shirt reading My Weekend Is All Booked (Reading Shirts)

Here’s another punny one. You’re welcome!

Buy it: My Weekend Is All Booked

24. Books Heartbeat

Black t-shirt with EKG line that flows into the shape of a book (Reading Shirts)

Let’s be honest… we’re pretty sure ink runs through our veins.

Buy it: Books Heartbeat Shirt

25. Librarians Are Book Wizards

Navy t-shirt reading Librarian Because Books Wizard Isn't an Official Job Title

We found the perfect gift for all those awesome school librarians!

Buy it: Librarians Are Book Wizards Shirt

26. If You Can Read This

Brown t-shirt saying If you can read this, I was forced to put down my book and rejoin society

Just one more chapter, okay? I’m in the middle of a really good part!

Buy it: If You Can Read This Shirt

27. Choose Kind

Light blue shirt with astronaut helmet and phrase Choose Kind (Reading Shirts)

Getting ready to read Wonder with your class? This shirt is a great icebreaker.

Buy it: Choose Kind Shirt

28. I Have No Shelf Control

Green t-shirt reading I Have No Shelf Control

Look, as long as you can cram it on the shelf somehow, there’s always room for another book.

Buy it: I Have No Shelf Control Shirt

29. Read: It Is the Way

Black t-shirt with picture of Baby Yoda/Grogu saying Read It Is The Way (Reading Shirts)

Take it from Baby Yoda (aka Grogu): When you read, the Force is with you.

Buy it: Read: It Is The Way Shirt

30. Tyreadosaurus

Brown t-shirt with picture of a dinosaur holding a book reading Tyreadosaurus

Dinosaurs didn’t read, and now they’re extinct. Just saying.

Buy it: Tyreadosaurus Shirt

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30 Must-Have Reading Shirts for Teachers Who Love Books