If We Motivate Kids to Do Just One Thing This Summer, Let’s Make It Reading

Books really are the gateway to opportunity!

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A well-documented summer slide means many children need access to books and literacy resources, now more than ever. To address the challenges teachers face in providing resources to get kids reading, Reading Is Fundamental created an amazing literacy page filled with many of the tools you need to get kids reading, reading, reading.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Reading Logs and Activities

You’ll find a cool 40-book challenge tracker for kids to follow all summer long. There’s also a reading log app for kids to track their reading electronically. Instead of using this to focus on a certain amount of books, try getting kids to see how one book led to another. Tracking one’s curiosity path can be enlightening. 

Social-Emotional Learning Center

Check out the kids’ Activity Center area to let kids explore resources about feelings, friendship, fairness, and focus. Kids in grades Pre-K to 3 can use these vetted activities independently. When children actively engage in learning social-emotional learning skills, they become more resilient.

Puzzle Creator

We love this free and easy-to-use interactive puzzle maker. You can customize each puzzle to match a child’s interests. Or, consider making a puzzle that coordinates with every book or topic a child reads or learns about.

Interactive Literacy Calendars

No need to dig for literacy-related activities for your kids each day. Use this calendar link to find digital resources and reading activities designed to spark children’s interest.

Virus & Germ Center

The resources featured here will help children understand the fascinating and sometimes destructive world of germs. From the facts about viruses and bacteria to the healthy habits we can practice to stay safe, this center offers insight!


This Reading Is Fundamental digital library is free for thirty days and provides hundreds of books for children to read at home (especially valuable with schools and libraries closed). It even includes video field trips hosted by LeVar Burton.

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If We Motivate Kids to Do Just One Thing This Summer, Let's Make It Reading