Free Printable: My Quarantine Memory Book

Preserve this important moment in history.

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Free Printable Quarantine Memory Book

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered all of our lives in profound ways. Help kids preserve this moment in history by completing this free printable quarantine memory book.

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You can choose to complete all of the pages or just one or two as a class assignment. The quarantine memory book features irresistible writing prompts for your budding artists.

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Here’s what’s included in your free download:

Quarantine Garden Glyph

Kids can draw a garden representing what their lives were like during quarantine. 

Two Truths and a Lie and Quarantine Favorites

Kids love to play “Two Truths and a Lie” and this page invites them to put a quarantine spin on it. They can also document their favorite books, movies, and things to do during the pandemic.

Quarantine Pros, Cons, and Accomplishments

The final pages in the quarantine memory book encourage kids to write about the best and worst things about this time period, as well as what they’ve accomplished during this time. 

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Memory book illustrations by Allie Ogg