Get to a Pumpkin Patch Because These Teacher Carving Templates Are Everything

Must buy more pumpkins!

Free Teacher Pumpkin Carving Templates to Carve for Your Classroom

Hold the phone. Drop what you’re doing (yes even if it’s grading a stack of 30 essays). And save our teacher pumpkin carving templates right now. They are the perfect way to add some festive flair to your classroom or to your front stoop. 

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A special thanks to Barry Brown of Grampa Bardeen’s for creating these templates. You can get free carving tutorials, patterns, and tips at


Trick or Teach

Which do you choose?

Pi 3.14 

We can’t resist a good pumpkin pi(e) pun!

Teachers Love Brains 


Zombies like brains, too. But teachers like them for different reasons. 

We Love Books 

This pumpkin is perfect for all classroom and school libraries. 

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